Monday, July 31, 2006


Looking for a short, hairy (on most of his body, except his head) is your guys.
Any interested employers, please call 1-I-GET-BURNED!!!!

(he should maybe work on his tan lines before he goes for any interviews)

Some highlights of the weekend.......

dedicated to all the 'Bee's' that could not be there.........
On Friday, we decided that we would head up to the cottage earlier in the day, and the guys were going to go golfing, and then that would give us ladies some time for some R & R down at the beach. As soon as the vehicle's where unloaded, the guys took off to the golf course, leaving us ladies to do all of the work to prepare for the rest of the team to come. Jill started to cut the grass, but ran out of gas. By the time that we hunted some down, some of the ball team had arrived, and Zetter, the great guy that he is, offered to finishing cutting the grass. So much for our guys being gentlemen...and doing it!!!!!

Harrison seems to have this fetish, when he has been drinking, to pants people when they get up to get a drink. On Friday night, Otto decided that he would get him back, but the opposite, and nearling pulled his pants over the top of his head.

Saturday afternoon, between their ball games, we decided to go back to the cottage so that we could bbq supper, and relax for a couple of hours. Some of the guys decided to go swimming, and some just sat around and played Texas Horseshoe's and Golf Ball Toss. The game of Golf Ball Toss got a little wild, and by the end of it we had in total: 2 beach shoes, 3 strings with golf balls on them, and a styrofoam floater stuck in the tree. The guys had to take the Golf Ball Toss apart, and throw the wood up in the tree to get everything down. They are lucky that it did not come down on their heads, and knock them out....or maybe that would have been a good thing!!!!!

On Saturday night, we all sat around the back yard, and had a pretty interesting game of shoulders. It got pretty amusing when #5 was designated the number in which you had to pelvic thrust someone. This resulted in only 2 chairs being broke, and two torches being knocked over!!!!

All in all...a good time was had by everyone....and from the whole Danamoes.....THANK YOU MATHESON FAMILY, for the use of your cottage.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Dick Heads of the Tournament

The Danamoes (that is Curt’s slow pitch team) were in a tournament in Kincardine this weekend.
The team has this rule that if you have an error, strike out, or just do something that makes yourself look like an idot, you have to wear this plastic penis in your head, until someone else makes an ass of the themselves, and takes it over.
So….the postings for the Danamoes Dick Head bulletin board are as follows:

Game # 1:

Game # 2


Game # 3

Game # 4 .... none
Game # 5 ... lots

Congratulations Cara & Justin

Saturday night my sister Cara, and her boyfriend Justin got engaged .......CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
(I have been trying to hunt for a picture of my sister Cara and Justin....but have come up empty)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sauble in Southwestern Ontario

At the Cottage

This week Curt and I have been on holidays and we decided that we would go up to Sauble Beach to his grandparents cottage for a couple of days, and see them.
We arrived on Sunday afternoon, and until Tuesday, all we did was lay around and read because it was so dreary outside.
On Tuesday, the sun was finally shining, and Lexy and I got up and walked down to the box and got Curt his paper,while he slept in. We decided that since it was nice we should take advantage of it, and we went to the beach for the couple of hours that we had before we had to leave. We had decided that we were going to go to the show in Owen Sound and see 'You, Me and Dupree', which was playing at 3:00 (it was very disappointing, funny, but it was one of those movies that had such a potential for being a great one, and it let us down so I would not recommend paying the extra money to go to the show to see it....wait until it hits the shelves).
We woke up today (not too early by all means) and it was a dull again. We were getting ready to walk down to get the paper, and it started to rain and did not let up for the entire day.....which really put a damper on our last day at the cottage. We lazed around all day. Curt watched television, I packed, and after we had dinner with his grandparents, we decided that we would head home. We were not going to come home until tomorrow morning, but when it was such a crappy day, we decided that if we woke up tomorrow morning, and it was sunny out, we would really not want to come home, and plus, Curt has to go into work tomorrow.
So, as you can probably see by the picture....most of our holidays so fare have been spent on the couch...being lazy.
When it's not raining, Lexy spends her time out on the back deck 'chippy hunting'...her favorite activity to do at the cottage. Again this trip to the beach, she was truly disappointed in her ability to catch anything!!!!
We did manage to get Lexy down to the beach this time (it is a private beach, and there is to be no dogs on it, so we have to go either first thing in the morning, which is kind of difficult for us as we are not early risers, or later in the evening). On the Sunday night we took her down for a swim. She is not a big fan of the water, but she did very well. There was only one time that she got away on us, and Curt had to chase her up the beach, and do a running dive in the sand to catch her (I wish that I would have had a picture of that, or a camcorder to catch him running as fast as he could in his bathing suit, soaking wet, after a drowned rat!!!!). I was defiantly no help to him, because all I could do was stand there, and laugh my ass off at the two of them (it was one of those moments that you really had to be there for!!!!). When they finally got back down to the beach, they both had to go in and get all washed off because they were covered in sand from head to toe due to the tackle that Curt had to do in the sand to catch Lexy!!!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

B & D

Last night we went to Cambridge to a back yard Buck and Doe for friends of ours....John & Leanne.
They had the regular buck and doe games and Curt and Scholt'c' were the big winners. We were all going for the 4 tickets to the Blue Jays game that they had up for grabs....but we did not leave empty handed like the rest of the guys that came off the baseball team. Curt got a jar of citronella fluid, with two torches, and Scholt'c' walked away with a Texas Hold'em box of beer!!!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Action on Davidson Ave.

On Monday night, about 20 nights after we got home from the cottage, a big wind and rain storm rolled in. I was just heading up stairs, and I heard this big crash. I went back down to investigate the situation, and I had a vase with some bamboo, water and stones in it. I guess with one of the big gusts of wind, it must have knocked it off the windowsill.
About 1 minute after that, the phone rang and it was the little blonde girl across the road asking if they could come over to our house because one of the trees on their lot had split in half, and half was still standing, and the other half had fallen on Mrs. Mahnke's driveway across the road from us. They wanted to come over just incase the other half of the tree decided to come down, and land on their house. We had no idea that it had even happened. We had not heard anything. I guess it must have happened the same time that the vase fell of the kitchen window sill.
I looked out the kitchen door, and here is Harrison, in a pair of white boxers (did he not know that you are not to wear white in the rain) carrying Griffy in his arms, holding a wind breaker over his head. Two steps in front of him was Jill, soaking wet. They must have been in one heck of a hurry to get over to our house, because neither of them even took time to put a pair of shoes on.
We called Mrs. Mahnke to she if she was ok (she is quite an elderly lady, whom I think has Alzheimer's) and then we called her grandson to tell him that he should probably come up and check everything out.
After they made sure that she/everything was OK, her daughter come over to thank us for called and told us that she had already taken her perkedin for the night, and was just heading to bed. She could have cared less as to what was laying across the front of her house!!!
I bet the next morning when she woke up, and was in the right state of mind after all the drugs had worn off, she didn't feel the same way!!!:)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Weekend at the Beach

With the extreme temp.'s last weekend, there was no other place that I would have rather been then at the cottage. I am not sure how the people inland handled the heat, but we had not problems taking it in, while we sat lake front either watching the ball games, or going to the beach.
Since it has been such a dry summer, we have to make sure that we conserve water when we are at the cottage which consists of not taking a shower every day, and making sure that you only flush the toilet every third pee (please do if it is a #2 though). With not being able to take a shower every morning when you get ready for the day, this meant that we would have to go down to the lake to bathe. The temp. of the water was just perfect , even first thing in the morning. (In the picture you can see Smoky, Matt, and Curt passing the bar of soap around, betting all squeaky clean)
On Saturday, the teams managed to luck out and only have to play either early in the morning, or late at night, which was nice that they did not have the play in the mid day heat. Since both teams had a break on Saturday afternoon, a few people off of each Ideal team came out to the cottage, and we went down to the beach and played some games both inland and out in the water. It was a lot of fun, and Jill even managed to kick the boys butts in a game of ring toss!!!!

Father/Son Ball Team

In the almost 8 years that Curt and I have been together, the second or third weekend in July has always been the Ideal baseball tournament in Sauble Beach. It is always a good weekend, but always very busy.

It used to be just the normal Ideal ball team from Listowel playing in the tournament, but for the past couple of years they have split the team, and have had two in the tournament. There is the 'original' Ideal team, which consists of some of the original player, and then there is the young Ideal team, which consists of the younger, fitter, more athletic player. The 'original' team is out there to have fun, and the other is there to win the money.

This year the 'original' team consisted half of the old player, and the other half where their son's. It was really nice to see all of these men out on the field playing ball with their son's. The picture (which you can not see who is in it) is of the Harrison/McLaughlin infield. Sid was on first, and Curt was on third, Matt was short stop, Andrew was second, and Smoky was pitching. We had the chance to see this set up quite a few times throughout the weekend, and it really seemed to be a good combination. The roles seemed to reverse for the outcome of this years tournament, and the 'original' team took home the money, and the other team was out on Saturday. I guess the father/son combinations seem worked good. It puts the youth back into the fathers!!

Our Own Simpson's Episode

A few weeks ago we decided that the heat had got the best of us, and we went to Canadian Tire and purchased a pool. We had been talking about getting one for a couple of weeks. We were going to go in on the bigger sized on, with the neighbors, but instead went and purchased our own little blow up 8' x 5' rectangular one. It is the perfect size, as we do not have all that much space in our back yard, and we can just fill it up, and take the water out as we please.

It is amazing how many friends you have when you have a little pool with cool water in it, on a hot day. Curt referred to the day as a 'Simpson's' episode. (for those of you who do not watch The Simpson's, the Simpson's get a pool, and the are the most popular people in town because of it, and then they get too many people in it, and the sides burst resulting in no more pool. Everyone that used to come to the Simpson's to play in their pool then go to some other house that has a pool in their back yard!!!)

The sides of our pool are still in tack, which I guess means that we can still be the popular people on the block on the hot summer days.