Thursday, August 21, 2008


Jaxon Curtis Lloyd McLaughlin
born: August 19, 2008 @ 10:35a.m.
weight: 9lbs.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Last Ultrasound

Well, yesterday was probably my last ultrasound before this little bundle of joy that I am incubating in my tummy finally decides to show it's face to the world.
I had my ultrasound, and the a Dr. appointment with my Dr. from Stratford right after it.
We got some good shots of Bean this time around, which was a pleasant surprise because they say as they baby gets bigger the harder it is to get a good shot of them.
The ultrasound tech was doing her thing, and taking all of the measurements that she needed to, and when she was taking the abdominal circumference she asked me how many weeks I was. I told her that I was to be 37 on Wednesday, and she oh, that is interesting. Apparently the measurements that she took did not even register on the growth chart, that means it is was measuring after 40 weeks. After she got everything that she needed she took some fun shots for me. The left on is of the baby face on. You can see it's little nose and lips. You can not make out the eyes, but you can see that it looks pretty squished in there. his one hand is over it right eye, and the other is rested on it chin. It's little face looks so chubby. I just can not wait to see what it is going to look like. This is the first picture that we have ever got out of all 8 of my ultrasounds that you can actually see it's features. It totally makes me wish that we would have got a 3D ultrasound so that we would have been able to see it that way, but I could not bring myself to pay the $150+ for one.
The left picture is just of the heart rate. It usually measures any where between 140-160. Yesterday it was right in the middle @ 151. If you go by the old wise tales about the lower heart rate for a boy, and higher for a girl I do not know where we would fit because it is always right in the middle.
The other last one is just of a profile. We usually always get one of these, but this one is really good this time around.
Well, the count down it on, and I just can not wait to meet this little person.
I was joking around with my Dr. after they told me the weight after my ultrasound and told him that I was rethinking this whole natural child birthing experience, especially if the baby decided to stay in there for a couple of more weeks, and it could be more then 10lbs. He thought I was serious, but I had to tell him that I was just joking around, and we would give it a shot, but if it had to work out with a c-section, that would be fine too!!!!
Only 22 more days left, until my due date.....hopefully not that long though!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The debate of the railing!!!!

Oh, probably about a month ago my dad was over one night and he mentioned to me that he would really like for me to get a railing going up and down our stair case because he thought that if I was ever carrying the baby down the stairs and I lost my footing I would have nothing to grab a hold of.
I thought that it was a good idea, but my only quome with the idea was that we do not have a very wide staircase, and it is hard enough to carry stuff up and down it know, I thought it would just be more of a pain with it there, then it would be helpful.
Anyways, my dad has won out, as he just went ahead and did it. He did not want to have to worry about me and the baby falling down the stairs some day, and Curt coming home and finding us all laid up on the floor at the bottom. It actually looks good, and it does not take up too much space from the width, so again, he was right, and I guess I was wrong.

Thanks are the best!!!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Baby's Room

Here are some before shots of what the room some what looked like before we started with the changes:

And here are the changes, and the almost final product of the Baby's room:

This is the crib. We are still waiting for the change table, as it has been on back order for more then 2 months. The theme of the room is teddy bears, and the bedding is called B is for Bear. It is sooooo cute. I did not think that I wanted a theme in the room, but as soon as I seen it I fell in love with it, and as soon as I felt it (it is sooooo soft) I know that was it!!!!

This is the corner that has the laundry hamper in it, and was have also put all the bathing supplies there. I really like the cute little froggy bathtub that we got. It is soooo cute. This corner is also sporting the bouncy chair that I got the baby for the time being. I am sure it will be down stairs most of the time though.

Here is the glider rocker that we got. I was not going to get one, mostly because I could not find one in the espresso finish that the rest of the room was done in, but Sears just come out with one in the finish so we scooped it up. The quilt on the back of the chair is one that my grandma Robinson made for the baby. She made it and had no idea that the room was being done in teddy bears!

The closet doors both used to have cork on them, but I decided to change it up a little. The cork was all coming off the doors as well, so for the one I re-glued it and kept it and then the other I painted with chalk board paint and bought some chalk so it will be fun for when the baby is a older.

Here are the shelves that are going to be hanging above the change table/dresser (if it ever arrives). We still have one of them that has room on it for stuff like pictures and all that fun stuff.

This is a board that I had got from Creative Memories back at Christmas and I was going to give it as a give. You can change the stuff that you put on it. It is just on there with magnets, and it has a string on it that you can pin stuff to as well. It will fit a 12x12 piece of paper, if you wanted to do a scrap booking page and just place it on there as well. Right know I just have little stuff like verses and some ultrasound pictures on it, along with the name 'Bean' because that is what I have called this baby ever since I found out that I was pregnant. Hopefully when the baby arrives I will be able to keep up to changing the stuff on the board!!!!!

So as I mentioned, the only thing that we need to get is our change table/dresses that has been on back order for over 2 months. Other then that, we are all set for Bean to arrive, and we are just patiently waiting know!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Another long weekend bits the dust.....

Well, this past weekend was the second last one for the summer, and where did it go. Friday night Curt and I laid low and just rented the movie 21. It was one the Curt wanted to go to the show to see, and we did not manage to get there to see it, so ever since it has come out on video 2 weeks ago we have been trying to get it and we finally managed to do so on Friday night. It was a good movie, if anyone is looking for one to rent.

Saturday Curt had a tee off time at the golf course @ 8:30a.m., and my mom and dad had a wedding to go to so my mom come over and we did her hair. While she was there I got her to give me a pedicure....which was great because I was not feeling that well all day, so it kind of lifted my spirits. After Curt and the guys were done with their game of golf they came back to our place and sat in the pool (Curt got a new Montreal Canadien's pool this year, to replace our old one) and played a game of boccie ball around the neighborhood. Most of the guys wives came over as well, and we had a BBQ for dinner. It was a pretty early night because most of the guys had had enough beer in their belly since they teed off at 8:30a.m. and had consumed a few on the course.

Sunday I was feeling a little better, so we headed up to the cottage because Curt' s family was having a family reunion up there for the weekend. The big thing was on the Sunday, so that is what we headed up for. It was not at Curt's families cottage, but up the road at another cottage that someone had rented, so we got all packed up and went down there for the day. It was really great to get up there because Curt's cousin Drew & his daughter Madison were home from Calgary and also Destiny was home, and it was her last weekend, as she flies back this week. We spend the day up there, and headed home around 8:30. There were too many people staying at the cottage, and there was not really that much room for us to spend the night, and with me not feeling the greatest, I thought it would be best if we just went home for the night which I was glad we did because then I got to wake up in my own bed in the morning.

Monday was a work day for me, but it took me until 11 to get my butt out of bed, and then it took me about 5 hours to get what would usually only take me about 2 hours to get done. I would do some work for 30min. and then I would have to take a break and rest. I am soooooo ready for this baby to come so that I can somewhat get my body back to normal, and possible get my energy levels back on track.
We rearranged the dinning room and the living room so that we could accommodate the swing and the cradle a bit better. We know have some more room for when we start to get all those toys that they baby will need. It make me feel a little bit better that is one thing off of our list to do.
We went over to my mom and dads for dinner on Monday night then, and then home to bed.
Another great weekend, but still no baby. Hopefully it will not be too much longer and I will be able to post about the new arrival to our family!!!!!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Strachan Family Pool Party

Each year my Aunt Shirley in Toronto has a family get together. They have a beautiful pool in their back yard, and we all get together for a weekend of relaxation by it. The year it was on the weekend following our holidays and the day turned out the be great. When we were heading to Toronto in the morning we drove through very heavy rain and big black clouds, but they seemed to pass and they day was great.
We usually all spend the night there and make it a weekend thing, but Curt and I decided that since we had not been home all week, because we were on holidays, and we were having friends over for the afternoon the following day, we headed home on the Saturday night. Also because my due date is fastly approaching, we are not going to take our chance to get stuck some where, and me go into labour, although it would be a good place, as I had a nurse praticiner, and an O.N. nurse right there!