Thursday, September 23, 2010

Summer....hold ON!!!

Well, this week we are trying to hold on to summer as hard as we can. We have had wonderful weather, but the long range forecast looks like fall weather will be here next week.
With the arrival of summer again, we are trying to get outside and do some activities out there before we are no longer able to. We have headed out for a bike ride, played some t-ball, had the soccer net out as well as the golf clubs. The weather looks like it is to be wonderful for the next couple of days, but then my favorite season of all will be upon us.
I had my follow up dr. appointment today from being in the hospital. It looks like the virus that I picked up was the stomach bug that was going around at that time, and this darn bug decided that it was going to attack my fluid in my spinal cord. A very rare fluck thing, but it can and did happen. We also found out that the virus that my mom had probably came from me. I guess that is was she gets by not following the rules. She did not put on her mask and gloves when she came in my room in the hospital!!!!
The doctor also informed me that it would probably be a good 3 months before I will feel like my old self again. Oh great...a lack of energy does not really go over well when you have a very energetic little 2 year old to run around after. Thank goodness that he still likes to nap and have a good nights sleep, and I take full advantage of those times to rest myself.
Other then a our very quite nights, everything is pretty much back to normal around our house. Jaxon has got into his new routine of Day Care 'school' quite well, and actually wants to go now. He tells that he is going, walks in no problems, and talks about his days now. It is a true relief that he is liking it. A lode of worry is off my shoulders each day.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary

3 years....oh my. Where has the time gone? Our life has been a little crazy since this day 3 years ago. Not soon after we got our wedding presents unpacked, we were expecting Jaxon, and the rest has been a blur.
Here we are 3 years later, and we are all still in tact!!!
Well, life around our house has been a little hairy, to say the least.
I got home, and finally got feeling better enough to head back to work and them my mom went in the hospital. She was in Stratford, with what ended up to be enlarged lympnoids around her heart. It was pretty scary though, with lots of tests done, and a lot of questions not being answered. Finally we got what we needed, and she is now home resting and trying to get back to her old self. It was a virus that she picked up that attacked her in a bad way. She will have to go back for more test in a couple of months, and hopefully they have gone back to normal size.
So...we are trying our best to get back to normal here at the McLaughlin ranch, and we hope that there will be no curve balls thrown our way this week.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

End of Summer 2010

The Labour Day weekend marks the end of summer for most. At least for us it is usually the last time that we make it to the cottage for the year.
Unfortunately the last weekend at the cottage did not bring good weather this year. It was quit chilly for still being summer, and it held a little rain which prevented us from having our camp fires.
Because I had just got out of the hospital on the Friday, Curt and Jaxon headed to the cottage with Sid and Lois on the Friday night, and left me at home to rest and get a good nights sleep all by myself. I woke up in the morning freezing because of the temperature change and was in no rush to get up to the cottage in the rain. Hurricane Earle had been hitting the East cost the same weekend, and I think that our weather was from some of that. I have never seen the lake like it was that weekend.
I finally make it up on Saturday afternoon, and the Johnston's came up Saturday as well for the last weekend of the summer. We were to take the kids to Story Book Park this week and it had been planned all summer but when I got sick we decided that we would let it go for this year and plan a weekend next year for sure to take the kids.
We did manage to get our last ice cream at the Trading Post on the Sunday night though, and the sun even decided to join us.We had a few coupons from the amusement park left as well, so the guys got to take the kids down the slide once to use them up.
Jaxon and Jazlin got to spend the weekend in the cottage watching Mickey Mouse, and that was pretty much it. There was a little outside play had, but most of our weekend was spent in doors.So here we bid a farewell to the summer of cottage life of 2010!!! It was a GREAT year!!!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

On The Mend

What a week we have had around our house.
I am not sure if I mentioned it, but during our holidays I was just not feeling myself. Achy body, bad head ache, chest and tummy pains and the diarrhea were all the symptoms that I had present when we were at the cottage. The symptoms stayed with me through the weekend and progressively got worse over Monday and Tuesday. By Tuesday night I thought I was dying. I could not even lift my head of the pillow without shooting pains into my head and nearly throwing up.
I did make my way into work on Wednesday, but as soon as I got in there I headed down to the couch and had to call my manager in from her holidays so that I could go to the hospital.
It ended up that after 10 hours in the ER they admitted me to the hospital with viral meningitis. No laughing matter. After about 24 hrs of being on IV and IV Antibiotics I was coming around. Except for a trace of a headache, I was feeling back to my old self. I was discharged from the hospital on Friday around noon and proceeded to come home thinking that I could get my house cleaned and laundry done. Well, after I was home and got one load of laundry put in the machine I was whipped.
I have soon learned what a toll a virus like this can take on your body. It is know a week later, and I am still not back to my self, and defiantly not back to work. It takes me about 2 hour in the morning to even get my self ready when I have to sit down and even lay down to regain some of my strength back. I am planning on going into work on Friday morning for a couple of hours to go through some e-mail and set my week up for next week. It has been nice to be at home, but I am kind of getting bored. Jaxon has been going to day care so that I can rest and although that sounds like a nice day, after about the second day if I had the strength I would have jumped in my car and went to work. We will see how it goes Friday. I might be wishing I did not say those words.