Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It is on it's way.......

Well, with my ever expanding belly, we thought that we better be getting a bigger vehicle to accommodate the addition to our little family.
It was perfect timing as to get a new vehicle as Curt's lease is up on his car at the end of the month, and we knew that we would be needing a bigger car, a family vehicle.
So the a couple of months ago we started to do our investigating on what type of vehicle we might want to get, and Curt narrowed my choices of about 7-10 down to 2. This is what we narrowed our options down to, a 2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer and it is to be arriving at the dealership today, and we get to go and pick it up tomorrow night and have it for a couple of days to make sure that we really like it and if all goes well, it will ours this time next week.....woohoo!!!!!
Our next big decision will be who's personalized licence plates go on it, but I think that Curt's will win out on it as it will be easier to just take his off his old car when he gives it back to the dealership, and put them on the new SUV, rather then put them on my car, change the paperwork, and then take mine and put them on the SUV.
So look for me now driving the Meeco mobile, well a bigger model of the Meeco mobile, as this will be my new wheels, and Curt gets to take over mine, fair eh???? hehehe I think I defiantly got the fair end of this bargain.