Monday, October 26, 2009

My Little Monster

Well, my little monster did not get a good report from the babysitter last week. On Thursday night when I got home from work Curt had to tell me that Jaxon was a bad boy at the sitters that day. He was pulling Leah (a new little girl that has just started full time last week) and he was biting Jan (the sitter). Well I guess him and his dad had a little talk on the way home from Jan's house and then I had to tell him how disappointed I was to hear that he was not being a good little boy.
I guess our words to him did not mean anything, because when I call on Friday to ask Jan something she told me that he had been spending a lot of time in time out for the day. He was still misbehaving on Friday, so she was trying a new tactic with him.
We tried to continue to do the time out (or something of the same nature for a 1 year old) with him through the weekend when something he did deserved him to have a time out. He only had to have it a few times, but it does not seem to be working. Friday night I spent almost an hour with him because he would not leave the dog dish alone. I would put him on time out for 2 min, and then we would discuss the situation. He would then proceed to get off my knee, look at me, and then go directly to the dog dish and play with the food.
I think we could have a long road a head of us with this little guy. He always knows that he is doing something that his not suppose to because either he will give you a kiss before he does it, or he looks to make sure that you see him and you are going to give him a reaction.
I ya ya...parenting is hard job!!!!

Happy Birthday Riley!!!

Yesterday we had a 1st Birthday party for Jaxon's friend Riley.
We had a wedding on Saturday, so yesterday was a little tough to go to party where there were about 15 kids running around yelling and playing. Thank god it was only for 2 hours, and we got through it.
It was a very nice party, with lots of friends and family there. The party was at Riley grandma and grandpa's house, and good thing they have a big house, because there must have been at least 40 people there.
Riley and her cousins are a little spoiled by their grandma and grandpa, and have some wonderful toys there to play with. Jaxon was lucky enough to take a ride in a little red Corvette. I hope he enjoyed it, because that is probably as close as he will ever get to driving one again!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

He took his first steps......

Some Happening of the Last Month

October 4th was Reed's 1st Birthday. I can not believe how fast the last year has gone by.
Clint and Trisha had a party for him out at their place, so the McLaughlin's and the Fischer's got together to celebrate.

Reed decided to mark the day with taking his first steps as well. Trisha said that they have been very few and far between since then, but what a day to do it on....way to go buddy!!!

The week before Thanksgiving I had to go in and have carpel tunnel surgery done on my wrists, so I had a couple of days off to spend with Jaxon. We had to go over to my mom and dads so they could help with out with things as I was pretty much incapable of doing anything for myself, but I did manage to get Jaxon to the library on the Friday morning so that we could go to the Early Year's program. The theme of the day was turkeys, and Jax got to make a Turkey hat. Well, that is not entirely true, mommy got to make that hat, and Jaxon got to play in the glue!!!

We had family gathers for Thanksgiving as well. On the Saturday night we went to my Grandma Strachan's place for my dad's family. Jaxon got spoiled with attention, as he is the only great grand child, and also got some special time with his GG Strachan playing Chinese Checkers.

Sunday was spend at my mom and dad's with my mom's side of the family and Monday with at Curt's mom and dad with his family.

What a Difference a Year Makes!!!

On the weekend we made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins for Halloween. Last year we did this, and decided that is was going to be an annual even that our family was going to do.

The place that we go to has a lot of fun stuff for the kids to do like a corn maze, straw bail jumping, pumpkin launch and so on, but we are still a little too young to partake in those kind of activities at the pumpkin patch, so we stuck to the main reason that we went and come hope with 3 of the best looking pumpkins that we could find!!!