Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer Time is HERE

Saturday morning Jaxon and I packed up and headed down to the market in the morning to get the rest of our flowers for the season and some fresh fruit for the week. We also needed to go and get a new pool for the little man, as he had out grown his from last year. We had strict orders from his father that it needed to be big enough that he could go in it and be comfortable as well.
When we got home it was so flipping warm out we decided that we better get it out of the box and ready for him and his dad when he got home from golf.
We had people over that afternoon for dinner, so we told the kids to bring their bathing suits if they wanted to join Jaxon in his pool. Jazlin was rip roaring ready to go!!!!
Sam, Hadleigh and Reed came over too, all jumping in for a swim too. We only filled it 1/4 full for them, and they had a blast. It is fairly big, and deep. If we were to try to fill that thing full, it would take us all day to do so.
I am sure that if the past week of weather is going to predict what our summer is going to be like, this pool will get a lot of use!!!

Fun Fair

My sister is a teacher at the school that we went to when we were little girls, and on Friday night they were doing their annual Fun Fair to raise money for the school.
She had told us that we should take Jaxon out to it, but when I went to school they never did anything like that, so I did not know what to expect.
It was definitely gear to the older kids, the age that would attend school, but Jaxon certainly had a good time. I have found that he loves to be around older kids, and loves to watch them doing their thing.
They had games there, which he was too young to really play. They had a fishing game though, and he loved that one. His obsession with fish probably had something to do with the love for the game. After he was done fishing, he got a goldfish to take home too. Great....just what we need. We already have our bata fish in the kitchen, a pond full of new fish from last week, and know Jaxon has his in his room. I was afraid that the fish would not last too long, so thank god Gammie had a fish bowl that we could borrow. I did break down and buy a little plastic plant to go in the bowl for it, as well as some food for the little thing though. So if it does decide to kick the bucket, we only really have about $5 invested in him.
Each class had also make up baskets, that you were able to buy raffle tickets for and put your name in on the draw. We ended up buying 6 tickets, and putting them in on 4 different baskets.....and coming home with 2 of them. Jaxon know has a new basket full of water toys, and another with just toys.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Great Weather

On Monday when we got home from the cottage we shipped Jaxon over to Gammie's house for the afternoon, and Curt and I went to work. I puttered away at the garage, organizing it and washing the floor to get ride of all the winter grunge. Curt went to work on the flower beds. We had got my dad to get us some mulch on the Friday, and we had pulled the weeds the week before, so he had all the strenuous work out the way. After I was done with the garage I moved on to the pond. It had no attention since the winter, so I was in need of some TLC.
We have not had fish in our pond for the last couple of years because we can either not seem to keep the darn things alive, or we loose all the water in the pond and they die from dehydration. This year, since Jaxon has such an obsession with fish, I thought we would give it another go so on Tuesday night after we had our dinner we all went out to the greenhouse and got some fish. They were 7 for $5, so we went for that deal. We brought them home and Jax and I put them in. Jaxon wants to feed them all the we keep the food in a place were only Curt or I can reach it. We will have to see if Jaxon brings us any luck in the fish department...because Curt and I have not been very successful.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 24

The first long weekend of the summer season came and went as fast as any other weekend does!!! We packed up and headed to the cottage on Friday night when I got home from work to spend our weekend up there with Curt's parents and grandparents.
On the Saturday we packed up and headed over to BJ and Ashley's cottage which is about a 45min. drive from ours. They are up by Lion's Head. This was the worst day of the weekend weather wise. It had rained in the morning, and looked like it was going to clear, but it was still calling for rain. BJ and Ash were having a bunch of people up for the weekend, but we decided that since we were so close we would just head over for the day. We had a nice day over there, and caped it off with a wonderful display of fireworks...courtesy of Kirby!!! Jaxon's friend Jace was up there for the day too, so he was able to play with him, and not have to be the only kid there.Sunday was our day to hang around the cottage, and Jaxon had some of his friends up for the night. Ray & Holly, Ryan, Nicole & Jazlin & Rob & Hadleigh all came up and they were able to try out the new bunk house that they spent last May 24th building.
They guys went golfing in the morning, so we decided to take a walk down to the beach to see what it was like. It was amazing. There were times that we were up there last year (in the middle of the summer) and were not able to sit down at the beach because it was so cold. This weekend the water was as calm as I have ever seen it, and the it very warm. It would have been a perfect day to pack up and sit down by the water all day.But since we had some kiddies that were getting hungry and tired we only stayed for a short time, long enough for them to throw a few rocks in the water and we headed back up to the cottage to wait for their dads to return from golf and have lunch. After lunch the kids went down for a nap, and we sat outside all afternoon and enjoyed the beautiful weather. When they woke up we packed up the sand toys and all headed back down to the beach to play. Miss Hadleigh did not want to go in the water:and Miss Jazlin did not want to get out of the water:and Mr. Jaxon...well he started out with all of his cloths on, just playing at the waters edge, and by the time we had to leave he did not have a stitch of clothing left on him because he had got it soaked. He did not even have his diaper left on because he had got it so water logged, it probably weighed 25lbs. on it own. I guess it is all right that he does this at this age...but come a few years and this will be a big NONO!!!After we got them all rounded up, and had a few tears because we had leave we went back to the cottage and enjoyed the rest of the day/night outside in the great weather.We had an amazing beef supper that Curt's dad did in is smoker. After we all ate and got cleaned up the little ones were getting ready for bed so we gave them a bath, and let them sit out by the fire for a little. They were not long until their eyes got heavy, and headed to bed. It was not long after they went to bed that some of us were joining them.
My how our long weekends have was only 10 years ago that if it was 10:30...or evening was just getting started. This May 24th...our day was ending at 10:30!!!
Monday morning we got up and had a big breakfast, cleaned the cottage a little and headed home. It was another gorgeous day at the beach, but it was our day to get some stuff done around the house, so we did just that.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Congratulations Scott & Heather

This past weekend was the wedding of friends of ours. Heather is the sister of Curt's really good friend Ryan, and Curt has become friends with her husband Scott through poker and hockey.
We had planned on going away this week (with it being the week after tax season) but then decided that we would postpone our trip until over New Years so that we could attend the wedding.
Heather and Scott had asked me to video tape it for them, which I was more then happy to do. It is difficult to go an really take in the day when you are behind a lens, but it is a nice keep sake that they bride and groom always have to look back on the day with.
Jaxon's little girlfriend Jazlin was the flower girl.....and oh what a cute little flower girls she was!!!The wedding was beautiful, with hot pink, lime green and brown as their colors. It was a great evening, and I hope the happy couple of life time of happiness!!!

Monday, May 03, 2010

The End is HERE!!!

The end is here. I have my husband back, and Jaxon has his daddy back.
Friday night we went to the golf course with Curt's work for their annual April 30th party. We had a wonderful dinner there, and had an early night because my husband decided to party a little too hardy.
Saturday I got up and did a few things around the house, went and got Jaxon from my sister's place and then we had some long over due family time for the rest of the day. Napping and playing, and going for a bike ride were on the agenda.
Today I left the boys at home when I come to work. Curt took the day off to spend with Jaxon, and to get a start on his honey-do-list that has been getting longer and longer as tax season went on. We will see what kind of dent he got in it when I get home.
The ends is here and I am happy for that, but it is kind of bitter sweet. The end of tax season means the beginning of the golf and ball season. All in all though, we do get more of Curt's time then we did in tax season, so I suppose it is more sweet, then bitter.
(Jaxon got a new bubble machine when I was shopping last weekend)