Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More from the Weekend!!!

As promised...I have some pictures from this past weekend. Sorry for the delay to those people that have been waiting for them.
On Friday night we went to Matt Meulensteen and Ashley Matheson's Buck and Doe. Since the guys did not have to play ball on Friday night, some of them went up to the ball park and watched the Killer Bee's play, and then we all went to Matt and Jill's before the Buck and Doe. Jill called me upstairs to let me listen to this song that she downloaded, and it just so happened to be the song that Johnny, Curt, Nicole and I learned the dance to while we were in the D.R., so I called them all up, and we had a little 'dance down memory lane'.
Curt was defiantly in a good mood on Friday night, and was willing to pose with everyone for a photo opportunity. Unfortunately when Curt poses for a photo after he has had a couple of drinks...he feels that it is necessary to mall the person that he is posing with....poor Jill (but she should be used to it by know).
On Saturday night we went to Curt's cousin Carrie's (and Marco's) Buck and Doe. Unfortunately it had been a long day at the ball park in the rain, and I forgot my camera, and really had no ambition to take any pictures.
So......the pictures.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Great Showing at the Year End Tournament

What a weekend for the Danamoes!!!!!

This is a team that just made it into the A side of the tournament, and the they come 1 run, in the finale game, from winning it all.
They played 4 games on Saturday, 3 of them being back to back, and walked away with 3 wins.
On Sunday, the played Ideal (which is Curt's dad's team), first thing, and they lost. That put them up against the Killer Bee's,, whom they beat, and sent them back to play Ideal again. In order to win the A side, they would have to beat them twice, due to the way that the tournament was set up. The pulled the win out in the first game, but did not come up so lucky in the second.
All in all it was a great weekend, and the guys played some great games. I think that they impressed the whole league, not just us devoted fans.
Look out next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Busy Weekend

This weekend is a 'Danamoes' weekend. It is the year end tournament for Curt's ball team, so between that, and 2 B&D' is going to be a busy one!!!!

(I am sure with the events of the weekend, there will be some good posts next week.)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Kids Say the Darndest Things!!!

Tonight was Destiny's first night back to our house since the beginning of July. When she got here we went for a walk, and then we were in the back yard watering the flowers, and taking the cloths off the line. Since she has not been around all summer, and we have not seen her, we were filling each other in our the events that have taken place in our lives over the past 7 weeks.
When I was filling her in on what has happened around here, I told her about the engagement of Cara and Justin, and this is how our conversation went:
Destiny: 'That is amazing! I can not believe that he asked her to marry him.'
Sandi: 'Yup, I either. Do you think that Curt will ever ask me to marry him?'
Destiny: 'I hope so.'
Sandi: 'You hope so.....why?'
Destiny: 'Because you are the only one that can seem to control him. You can keep him under control, and I can't!!!!'
What a girl. We have missed the little McLaughlin around the house, and are glad to have her back into our weekly routine. Monday nights just wern't the same around here without her!!!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

It's Back.....

Monday night marks the night that Curt has been waiting for for about 4 months. It marks the night that Prison Break returns. There is not too many shows that Curt and I can sit down together and watch, but last year we did come across this new one, that we both enjoyed. There is actually not too many television shows that Curt watches, but this certainly is one of them, and all I have herd for the past 4 months that how much he misses it, and how much he can not wait until it comes back.
Well....the waiting is over, and it is back on Monday night....THANK GOD!!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Congratulations John & Leanne

Yesterday we had a wedding for friends of ours. It was different to go to a Friday evening wedding, as we have never been to one before, but it was a very nice.
We met John and Leanne through the Danamoes baseball team, so most of the team was there, with an exception to a few of the newer players.
The ceremony was in Elmira at the Missionary church at 5:00p.m., and the reception was at the Black Forest Inn in Conestogo.
Leanne looked gorgeous, and John did not clean up too bad himself!!!!
For the KISS, what they decided that you had to do was hool-i-hoop. Curt and Rob gave it a shot, but did not do a very good job with keeping it on their hips. It might of actually helped out a little bit if they had hips to keep it on in the first place.
Thank you John and Leanne for letting us share in your very special day. It was an absolutely perfect day, and we hope that you have a lifetime of happiness together!!!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Found a Picture!!!


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Cooler Times

Well, we have had a huge storm just set in, and the dish has gone down, so what a better time then to post some more pictures for you guys. (other then it is 150 degrees in this office, but all of you are worth it...let's just hope that the hydro does not go out when I am half way through the posting).
With this heat that we have been having this week, it is making me wish that I was on holidays again, and still at the beach. We did not get to spend much time at the beach on your holidays, due to lack of co-operation with the weathers, but we did get to spend a lot of time by the water on the weekend when we stayed at the Matheson's cottage for the ball tournament.
On Friday night, before we headed into Kincardine for the ball game, the guys decided that they would jump in for a dip, and have a game of 'keep it up'.
On Saturday night after they played, we headed back to the cottage so that they could take a go in the water and cool down before it got too dark. Brad had the right idea....he just set his chair up in the water, attached his 6 pack to the arm, and took it all in. It was a great idea until he came in and got changed, and then sat on the chair, resulting in him having a very wet ass.....I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!
(It might just be because it is 150 degrees sitting in front of this computer, and I am finally feeling a breeze coming in this window, but I think looking at these pictures is actually making me cool off. They just look so refreshing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)