Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Boy's

Tate Bradley Leader (in the blue) , me, Jack Richard Leader (in the orange)
(this picture shoes you just how small they really are, they are not even that long, but they do have big feet, and long toes and fingures) The boys.
(this shows you just how different their features are. Tate has a big round face with no hair, and Jack's face is long and narrow, and has lots of hair.
Jack Richard Leader
Tate Bradley Leader

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Double the Trouble

The Leader boys are here!!!!!!!!!

Last Thursday my friend Laura had her twin boys.
They were born in Stratford with one weighing 5lbs.15oz, and the other weighing in at 5lbs.13oz. The names of the boys are Tate Bradley, and Jack Richard.
On Friday Stratford let her and Tim take the boys and travel back to Listowel hospital so that she was closer to her daughter Addy, and to her family and friends.
Curt and I made a trip up to the hospital on Saturday afternoon and meet the new additions to the Leader clan. They are so adorable. I have never held a baby that small before, and Curt did not even attempt to (he really does not do that well with newborns).
The doctors told Laura that it would be 6 weeks until they would find out if the boys would be identical twins or not, but I am pretty sure that they will not be. You can just tell my looking at them that they have some many feathers that are nothing alike. Tate has a big, round, chubby face, and Jack's is long and thin. Jack has lots of hair, and Tate has barley anything. Tate has great big eyes, and Jack's are just normal. We will have to see if these features change any, but my verdict will be that they will not be identical.
I will post the pictures of the boys tonight.
Mom and babies are doing extremely well, and I am sure by know Laura is ready for about 2 days worth of sleep. They will be spending the next 3 weeks are her parents house so that her mom can help her out with the boys, and with Addy, but then after that the happy family of 5 (with 3 kids all under the age of 16 months) will be back in their house, and ready to get back to normal routines (but really, will anything be normal for their family again, probably not!!!!!!!).

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Paddyfest - 2007 Edition

Well, Paddyfest has come and gone for another year.
This years we went to the arena on Saturday during the afternoon, and then to the dance on the Saturday night. Personally, I have the best time at the arena in the afternoon seeing the people that you really only see once a year, Paddyfest.
The Road Hammers played at the dance on the Saturday night, but unfortunately I had a full boy to contend with, and only got to hear about 4 of their songs.
It was a pretty mild Paddyfest, compared to ones in the past, and I didn't have that much to pay for yesterday, which was a blessing.
Here are some highlights from the festivities:

the boys preparing for the evening with pizza, beer and hockey

the girls at the dance

the Road Hammers

Luke and his dance moves - part deux (if you remember back to New Year's)
Our bartenders for the evening, my mom and sister

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Break for the day.....

Take a break from your hectic day, and take the underwear quiz.
(Just a fun little quiz to lighten your day):

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

House Guests

This week we had an extra 4-legged friends wandering around our house. Sid and Lois were on a snowmobile trip, so Ty came for some holidays.
When Ty come for holidays a few months ago we found out the hard way that he did not enjoy sleeping in his kennel when the other furry friend got to sleep in a big comfy bed. Curt had taken him outside before we headed off to bed, and he did his pee outside. We were then in the bathroom getting ready for bed, and Curt told Ty that it was time to go into his kennel, and he proceed to shit on the floor and then go to the spare bed and got comfy for the night. At that point we knew that he maybe didn't want to sleep in his kennel, and wanted the luxuries of the bed that Lexy got to enjoy. From that point on we know that there was not point in even bring his kennel over when he came for the night.
Ty come on Sunday night, and when he comes he always sleeps in the spare bed, and never with Lexy on the foot of our bed. Since he was there for 3 nights this time, he had to share the bed with Destiny when she came on Monday night. When Curt went in to check on them before we went to bed, this is what he found:he then told me to come in, and by the time had went down and got my camera to take a picture, Lexy had made herself comfortable in the bed. She maybe thought that she was missing out on something.
After I took the picture, and got settled back into bed, she made her way back over to our bedroom and we all got settled for the night.
I was a little worried about Ty rolling over and suffocating Destiny, but when I got up to go to the washroom before I fell asleep he had moved to the foot of the bed. This was good. I managed to get a good nights sleep, not having to worry about the two of them in the other room.