Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Well, if you have been following my blog for a while, you will remember that in years past we took Jaxon to the a pumpkin patch each year to get a few pics, as well as get our family of pumpkins to carve at Halloween.
Well this year Jaxon is attending our local Nursery school here in town on Monday mornings, and they had a class trip planned yesterday to go to the pumpkin patch.
Since I am off work, I was able to go with Jaxon for the day to experience this with all the 2 and 3 year olds. Boy was I ready for my afternoon nape after that morning.
They started by having a little information session about all the pumpkins and gourds that they grow at the patch...well, this was above my head, let a long the 2 and 3 year olds. It was way too long, and not near attention grabbing to entertain them, or myself.After the information session we went to the corn maze, where my son had to be on the one to go off the trail. I had a little bit of a heart attack, and I am sure that my blood pressure was VERY high for the couple of minutes that we could not find him. All I could imagine was him last in the field of corn...and not being able to find him. Thank goodness he was just being his fast self, and when I got the end of it he was running ahead of everyone else, going to find the next thing.
After that we had to go to for a little time out in the truck and have a little talk about his behaviour.After we come to an understanding, it was time to join the others in the straw jump. He had a blast, jumping off the walls, and rolling around in the straw. It was then portrait time, which I only got 1 one, so this will have to do for the 2011 edition.
And then last but not least it was snack time with all of his friends, as well as they got to pick their own pumpkin and take it home with them. This was Jaxon's pick, and when we got it home he had to decorate it with some this puppy dog face that we had got for our pumpkins.
He had so much fun, but next year I think we need to take daddy, and we will be going on our own again....way too many kids, and way too kaotic!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


What a beautiful weekend we had for Thanksgiving this year...24-25 and sunny...who could ask for anything better.
Sunday was spent out on the farm for my Robinson Thanksgiving, and then Monday with Curt's family where they boys had lots of fun going for a ride on the mower with Poppy, and playing with their scooter, that was until they started fighting over their scooters!!!

We have so much to be thankful for each and every year, and are so great to be surrounded by such wonderful friends and family.

I hope that everyone had as great of a Thanksgiving weekend as we did!!!

Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Well, I am offically done work until I have this baby.
The doctor took me off work because I have been having problems with my blood pressure for the last couple of months.
It could be a long 3 months until this baby decides to come!!!!

Monday, October 03, 2011


Well, after we did not make it up to the cottage for the last long weekend of the season back in September, we had decided that we wanted to try to make it up one more time before we closed it up to gather some things, as to enjoy it one last night.
I said to Curt on the way up that I was not sure why we did not go up more in the fall thought, it was beautiful. The drive was gorgeous with all the changing leaves, and it was so nice and quite, not like the summer. Of course we it was easy to pack for too, because you did not need to pack the summer, and the warm cloths like you do in the summer, you knew it was fall, and only needed to take the warm stuff.Since it was Pumpkinfest in Port Elgin the same weekend that we went up we decided that we would partake in this huge event. We had never been there, and had always said that some year we wanted to go, so this was they year.
It was HUGE!!! There is no way that We could have took it all in the 4 hours that we were there. We really only got to the kids stuff, which was fine by all of us, but there was also a car show that took up pretty much the whole town, a craft show in the high school, and so much more that we has no idea was even going on.
The weather for the weekend was cold, but no rain, so that was great. We could dress warm, and did not have to worry about getting wet.We managed to have one last camp fire for the season, and use up our campfire supplies.
The boys had a great weekend together, getting along very well, and getting into lots of mischief.
It was a wonderful weekend to end our season at the cottage. Next year we will have a whole lot more to tow up with us with the baby.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Welcome Baby Koen

Today baby Koen Martin entered the world quickly...and to my suprise, as a male!!!
Proud big sister is miss Hadleigh.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

End to Summer

Well, Jaxon's birthday celebrations continued into the next week with having a bunch of friends up to the cottage for the start of our holidays.
Saturday we took the kids over to Owen Sound to Story Book Park to enjoy a morning of fun. Thank goodness we got over there nice and early for when it opened because a lunch time a big storm hit, and that was the end of our adventure there.If you have young kids, I would totally recommend you take them to this place. I am sure that it will be a place that we will frequent for a few more summers until they outgrow it. They had everything...rides, mini golf, petting zoo, big train ride through the whole park, a water park. It was great!!! Even the big kids enjoyed it.
After the rain took us back to the cottage, we had a cottage full of people, but some more celebrating to do. It was the day of Uncle Justin's birthday so we had a nice dinner with everyone and celebrated his special day.
Sunday brought not so nice weather again, and we had a early supper and sent everyone on their way home so we could start our week of relaxation at the cottage. It was full of laying on the couch, watching movies, playing mini golf in town, and going down to the beach (a few short times). The weather was not the greatest for the week, but it was nice to just be away!!!

Our last week of holidays for the summer was a success!!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Jaxon

Last night I had to work late, and Jaxon was waiting for me when I got home because his dad had told him that he could open his birthday gift when I got there.
A couple of weeks ago I had asked Curt what he wanted to get Jaxon for his birthday, and he thought that we could get him some new golf clubs. Jaxon loves to golf, but only has the plastic ones. He was given a really nice golf bag as a baby present from a friend of ours that works at the golf course, so we ordered the clubs through him as well. Well, just what every 3 year old needs, 3 top of the line golf clubs. For the amount of money they were...he better be the next Tiger Woods!!!It was well worth the money when I seen the look on his face. Curt has taken the day off to spend his birthday with him today, and they have planned an outing to the golf course for a quick round to break them in.Wednesday night my mom had us over for our annual Jaxon/Justin birthday party. Jaxon got his Car's theme just as he wanted, and Justin had to suck it up and enjoy it too!!!As every year past, Jaxon was spoiled by his auntie/uncle and gammie/poppy. He got some money for his RESP and a new air hockey game!!!This game will be getting lots of use around our house, I am sure!!!Happy Birthday Buddy....3 already. Where has my baby gone???

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Welcome Baby Jesa

Well, baby Jesa Marie Fischer decided to finally come into the world and join our McLaughlin clan on August 12. The first little girl to our mix. Hopefully we will be able to giver her another girl to play with in January!!!Jaxon and I went up to the hospital after his party on Saturday to meet her and to get some snuggle time in.
Then on Monday night we took dinner out to the Fischer farm so that uncle Curtis could meet his new niece.
Welcome baby Jesa!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

3rd Birthday Party

Saturday was my little man's birthday party....his first 'friends' party.

We started planning and talking about it after we got back from our family holiday in July. I had decided a couple of months ago that we were going to do The Very Hungry Caterpillar theme and he was allowed to invited any friends that he wanted to. He was pretty sure of his choices so we got the invitations printed and ready to hand out.

He took the ones to Daycare that needed to be handed to a couple of his friends from there and that is when he decided that he needed more invitations to hand to more friends. He thought that everyone at school should come to his party. Well, I explained to him that he had made his choices, and that was all the invitations that we had. He would have to wait until next year to invite others if he wished to do so then. He took it very well, and did not put up a fight.So, it was set. Jazlin, Hadleigh, Reed, Tate and Jonah would be coming to the party...his Birfday Party. Last weekend Curt was away for the weekend, so I had to take Jaxon out with me when I need to go and get stuff for the party. He was all excited to help me pick stuff up. The only problem being that once we got to the store he decided that he wanted to have a Car's theme at the party, and then he thought that he needed to get doubles of everything we picked for him, and one for uncle Justin, because his birthday is the day after Jaxon's. He then thought that after we left the store that we were going to go home and have the party. The poor little was a very long week of him waiting for his friends to come to his party.So, finally...Saturday was the day. We spend a good party of the week getting ready for the party. We got our flower beds finally done for the summer. It is sad to say that it took us until August to actually get them done, and I am sure that 6 2 and 3 year old really appreciated how nice they looked! What is even more sad is that we have done absolutely no entertaining at all at our house this summer. We used to have people over every weekend for a BBQ or something, but this was actually the 1st weekend that we were all at home, and not one of us had to pack a suitcase to go away.At the begging of the party it was raining sporadically, and Jaxon thought that every time it started to sprinkle everyone had to go in side. The down side to this is that after all was said and done not only did I have a tail of toys to clean up outside, but I had a mess inside as well. We had got the pool filled for them, and put some nice warm water in it. We had told them to bring their bathing suits in case it was nice, and they could have some fun in the water. After we ate lunch the sun decided to come out and it actually got nice and hot. We got all the kids changed into their suits, lathered up in sun screen and let them go.After some play time it was time for cupcakes and presents. Basically all the kids just licked the icing off the cupcakes and ate their ice cream and then help Jaxon open his gifts. They were too cute to watch waiting to see Jaxon open the gift that they brought.The party started at 11, and by 2:30 everyone was gone. It was just the right amount of time to have a good play, have some lunch, dessert and presents. All that was left was the clean up. Thank goodness for my friend Nicole that stuck around to help me out. Curt was in a golf tournament, so he was not around for the party. He was there for the set up, but the clean up was all up to me. Nicole was a great help and we got everything put away and organized.

I have to say though, it is a lot easier to plan and play out a party for a bunch of kids then it has been in years past when we did it more of our friends!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo Shoot

So I come home from work one night and was organizing my pictures on my camera and found some of these. Jensen and Jaxon must have been having a photo shoot one day that she was babysitting!!!! Too cute.

Long Weekend

Well, the second last long weekend of the summer has come and gone, leaving us only a few more weeks of summer.

This year Justin and Cara joined us at the cottage for the weekend. Saturday we headed over to Wiarton to do some tubing and celebrating at my aunts cottage there. My uncle had brought his boat over from Kincardine so we had an afternoon out on the water all taking turns on the raft. For dinner we had a nice bbq chicken dinner with cake in celebration of my aunt and uncle's 30th wedding anniversary. Sunday was another wonderful day for some beach fun, so we spent the afternoon down on our beach at Sauble in the water and soaking up the sun.After a day of realization, we took Jaxon into the amusements in Sauble. He had been there a couple of weeks ago on the Monday after the ball tournament, and wanted to go back in again. Him and his dad have a great time on the rides. 2 big and one small having a blast. Auntie Cara even joined in on the fun when we had two tickets left over for the last ride.

Only a few more weeks and we will be back into our regular routine, free weekends, and back to school.