Monday, October 03, 2011


Well, after we did not make it up to the cottage for the last long weekend of the season back in September, we had decided that we wanted to try to make it up one more time before we closed it up to gather some things, as to enjoy it one last night.
I said to Curt on the way up that I was not sure why we did not go up more in the fall thought, it was beautiful. The drive was gorgeous with all the changing leaves, and it was so nice and quite, not like the summer. Of course we it was easy to pack for too, because you did not need to pack the summer, and the warm cloths like you do in the summer, you knew it was fall, and only needed to take the warm stuff.Since it was Pumpkinfest in Port Elgin the same weekend that we went up we decided that we would partake in this huge event. We had never been there, and had always said that some year we wanted to go, so this was they year.
It was HUGE!!! There is no way that We could have took it all in the 4 hours that we were there. We really only got to the kids stuff, which was fine by all of us, but there was also a car show that took up pretty much the whole town, a craft show in the high school, and so much more that we has no idea was even going on.
The weather for the weekend was cold, but no rain, so that was great. We could dress warm, and did not have to worry about getting wet.We managed to have one last camp fire for the season, and use up our campfire supplies.
The boys had a great weekend together, getting along very well, and getting into lots of mischief.
It was a wonderful weekend to end our season at the cottage. Next year we will have a whole lot more to tow up with us with the baby.

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