Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 24

Well the start of the cottage season brought us some good weather again this year. The kids were in the water, big and small.
SSaturday was the guys work day. We always have a cottage full of people, and all are welcome as long as they are willing to work for a little on Saturday to get one big task done for the season, then they are welcome to come back anything during the summer to relax and enjoy the cottage!!! This year they were widening the driveway and building a bear proof garbage box for the at the road. They worked hard at it on Saturday and then got to play on Sunday.Saturday night was gorgeous and we were able to get a camp fire in.
Sunday the guys took off golfing and we stuck around the cottage with the kiddies and played outside. Sunday night brought the rain, so we were stuck in the cottage making our own fun, and kids watched a movie.Unfortunately our other little guest Hadleigh come down with the flu and was not able to join us, so we were down one kid and her mommy.
The first weekend at the beach was a success, so hopefully other weekends that we have planned to be up there will be as nice as this one was.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


6 hours after tax season was over Curt and I jumped on a plain for a much needed vacation. We headed to the Gran Bahia Principe in Jamaica for a week of sun, sand and relaxation.
We flew in to Jamaica at 9:30am on the Sunday morning, and were to our resort by noon. We had to wait for a couple of hours to check into our room, so we went and had some lunch and a few drinks to kill the time.
Monday was rain, so we spend the morning at an information meeting, and then just kind of touring around the resort checking everything out.
Tuesday was spent by the pool, and Wednesday we mixed it up a little and went to the beach. These days were spent relaxing and resting. The most strenuous thing that we had to do was get up out our lounge chair to go to the pool to cool off, or go and get a drink.
Our resort must have been a huge place to go and get married, because the one day alone I counted there to be 5 weddings. I seemed that everyone there was there in a group, and were all there for a wedding.Thursday we decided to get a little ambitious and go on an outing. We took a catamaran ride to the #1 spot in Jamaica, Dunns River Falls. This is a 650 foot climb up a waterfall attached to nothing except the person's hand in front of you, and behind you. We had to take a water camera for this, so I am still waiting to get the pictures back from this.On the way to the falls we stopped at the reef to do some snorkeling. I did not partake in this part, as the last time I did this I got really sick from the motions of the waves, and the salt water. I knew that this was only the start of our day, so I thought that I better forgo it so that I was well for the rest of the adventure.After we spent a couple of hours at the falls it was time to get back on the boat, and time for the party. On the way to the falls they would not serve any alcohol on the boat, but after everyone had done the climb it was time to get it out and turn up the music. They took the long way back to the dock and we had a great party on the catamaran.The food was really good at our resort. You were entitled to 3 a-la-carts for the week, and the rest of the time you had to go to the buffet for dinner. They had the buffet, or they also had a beach front place for lunch, and every day but 1 we made our way down there for lunch. They had the best Jerk Chicken you could ever have. I had that every day for lunch, and did not get tired of it. I actually miss it know that we are back. Some days around 1:30 my mouth is watering for a little Jerk!!!
After our adventure on the Thursday we had to rush back to the resort to get ready for our reservation at the Japanese restaurant. At this restaurant we sat around the chef as he made our dinner and gave us a show. This by far was the best place we at all week, and the show that our chef put on for us was great!!!Friday was spend in the shade. We both had got a lot of sun out on the boat on Thursday, so we needed a little rest from it on Friday.
Saturday was our last full day at the resort, so we took full advantage of it. We finally got the good lounge chairs, drank our drinks out of coconuts, spent a little time at the swim up bar, and just took it all in.We saved our last a-la-cart for our last night too and we went to the Grill house for dinner. It was a very nice restaurant, but there was 2 weddings happening in there while we were eating dinner, so it was kind of weird to be there while they were having their receptions. A lot of our evenings were spend either in the lounge bar listing to the live music they had there, or we would to the Bahia Center. There was a sports bar there, as well as shopping. When there was a big game on, Curt would spend his time in the sports bar watching hockey and I would tour the little shops that they had there. This was also where the nightly shows took place, so we would stay and watch some of it if they looked good.

We have only been back for 3 weeks, but it seems like a life time ago that we went. I could have stayed for a little longer, if only someone would have sent me Jaxon. By Thursday I really started to miss him. We did not go to an adults only resort, so there were little kids there running around which made me think of him when I saw them.

Although I missed him like crazy, it would not have been much of a vacation for me if he would have been there. Some day mommy and daddy will take him with us, but for this time we enjoyed our time away just the 2 of us!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday laugh...Royal Wedding similarities

I l.m.a.o. when I got this e-mail today.

Monday, May 09, 2011


It seems like so long ago, but as I try to get back into the swing of reality after our holiday I found that I neglected to post about our very busy Easter weekend. I had been so busy getting packed and laundry done the week after, that I forgot to write this post.
Our Easter actually started out the weekend before when we had the Strachan Easter. It was kind of nice to have this one in advance, because the actual Easter weekend was SOOO busy for us.

Friday:We had the Robinson Easter, and like every other Good Friday, Curt had to work and was not able to join us. If only Easter was in May...he would actually be able to enjoy the long weekend and some great family time. We were at my uncle Ron and aunt Lois's on Good Friday for our gathering, and of course our annual Easter Egg hunt for the kids. This year Jaxon was so fun with it. He actually got it, and was so excited to be let out the door to hunt for his eggs and special bag.

Saturday:Jaxon met his girlfriend Jazlin at the park because a local real estate business puts on an annual Easter Egg hunt for all the kids. Jaxon was so excited because he had just done this the day before, and knew exactly what he needed to do. They had the whole playground covered with eggs, and the area taped off so that the kids did not enter until it was time. They let the small kids start out first, and they managed to gather all the eggs just on the inside of the tape before they let the big kids loose to gather the rest.After the egg hunt they had face painting and coloring and music and hot dogs and juice and goody bags for all the kids, and of course we were not getting out of there without some play on the playground equipment.
Saturday afternoon we had the Omand family Easter at Sid and Lois's and Curt has a cousin that is getting married in the summer so the ladies were in the house for a shower for her, and the men were in charge of the kids outside for a while.When all the boys finally got there, Poppy Sid took them for a ride around the year on his tractor and wagon. They had a ball. With all the Omand kids, there is only 2 girls, and the rest of them are boys, and with the exception of Jaxon, they are all farm boys so they loved to get a little of the country with the tractor and wagon.After the ladies were done with the shower inside, it was time to have an egg hunt for the kids. Well, by this time Jaxon was an old pro at it, and he had his bag full before some of the other kids had time to get an egg in thiers. After I said that he better stop and save some for the other kids, he would still go around to find them, but then yell at the others when he found them for them to come and fill their bags. What a little helper!!!After the eggs, it was such a nice day we got some bubbles out for the kids, and they had a ball until my kid had to go and ruin it by dumping all the bubble water out, and putting an end to the fun for the other kids.Sunday:Finally, after weeks of talking about him, and reading about him, and doing crafts of him, the Easter Bunny came to our house. Jaxon had been talking about what he was going to bring him for weeks, and I am sure he did not disappoint. His dad told me that it looked more like Santa Clause had come, but really I said, why should Santa Clause be any more important they the Easter Bunny. They are both giving people!!!The bunny has carried his tradition on from when I was a little kid. He put a few Easter eggs filled with candy in Jaxon's Easter basket that was in his bedroom, and they left a trial of eggs leading him to his pile of gifts.A tent, a new 4-wheeler, some coloring stuff, a new ball glove, and of course chocolate. Jaxon loved it, and I loved watching him look through all the stuff that he got. After he sorted through it all, he threw it all in the tent and we did not see in for the rest of the morning.
Easter 2011 was great, and Jaxon is still talking about what the Easter bunny brought him.