Thursday, June 11, 2009

9 months....really late

Dear Jaxon,
9 months old…where has the time gone? I cannot believe that in just another 3 months our lives will be turned upside down. You will be heading to the sitter every day, and I will be heading back to work. We have to take full advantage of the next 3 months together!!!
This month has been full of events. You are fully on the move now. We were able to pack some of your toys away that you do not like to play with anymore because they keep you confined. You are one busy little boy, and you keep mommy on her toes all day long.
You also cut your first tooth this month. I had been expecting it for a couple of weeks, as you were showing all the signs of teething, and then one week, when you had no signs of it at all it popped through. Gammie was actually the one to find it, as you bit on her chin!!!
We spent our first weekend apart this month too. I went shopping for the weekend with the girls, and you and daddy spent the weekend at your grandma and grandpa McLaughlin’s. You had a great time, but I think you missed me. You were all smiles when you saw me on the Sunday night and it melted my heart to know that you missed me. You really did not leave my side for a couple of days after I got home too!!!
You also had your first weekend at the cottage. We headed up on the Friday night and come home on the Monday of the Victoria Day long-weekend. Your friends Hadleigh and Jazlin also came up for the night on Saturday night, as grandpa is building a bunkhouse there, and the guys come up to help with it. It was a cold weekend, so we were not able to be out side too much, but we did manage to take you for a wagon ride down to the beach and you loved it. You loved to watch the water. I am sure that we will have lots of time spend up there this summer, and you will get to love it more and more each time we go. I am sure that you will be spending a lot of hours in the water this year, you and your dad.
Well mister monkey, you are growing up way too fast. When we went to the doctor for your 9-month check up you were 30 inches long and you weighed 20lbs. You like to keep mommy going all day long, which is good. You keep me on my toes. I love you with everything that I have and no matter what the day bring, I always know that you will bring a smile to my face.