Monday, May 04, 2009

8 Months OLD

Dear Jaxon,
Well mister man, you are 8 months old. Where has the time gone? Last year at this time I was just starting to feel you move around in my tummy and know you are moving around all over the place in this world of ours. Almost everyday I have to ask myself where my baby went that snuggled up with me all day long. Now all you want to do is be on the move and there is no time for snuggling in your day.
For the past couple of weeks I have been thinking that you are getting a tooth, but one has yet to appear. You have had all the signs of teething, but all for nothing I guess. It will come with it comes, and there will be many more to follow that first one.
You still choose to be a picky eater. I think that it is the texture thing that you do not like. You seem to eat very well for your father, but other then breakfast you want nothing to do with eating with me.
You celebrated your first Paddyfest and also Easter this month. For Paddyfest you went to the parade, but that was pretty much all the celebrating that you did for that. When you turn 19 I am sure that it will be a different story. For Easter you got to play with all of your cousins on the Robinson and Omand sides of our family, and we also spent time with the Strachan’s as well.
We continue to go to our Baby Time and Parent Chat through the Early Year’s Center here in town. We have also started to get together with our Infant Program friends. We will hopefully be continuing that on a weekly basis. We have not been swimming for a long time, and will hopefully get back to it soon.
The nice weather is finally here, and we have been getting out for walks. You love to go out and about through the town, taking in every little thing. You are too nosy to fall asleep when we are out and about on our walks, but realize that when we are 2-3 blocks from home that there will be nothing more to see and fall asleep,
We have found your sitter for when mommy goes back to work, and we went and met with her this week. You really seem to like her, and took a real liking to her dog Spencer. You had great fun with him and found him really amusing. I am not sure what it was about him, because he did not do anything that Lexy doesn’t do, I guess just because you do have to see him everyday (yet) he was that much more fun to play with then your own dog.
Well monkey, your dad is almost done tax season and we will have him back in our lives. It will be nice to actually spend time as a family, and have him home for the evenings. Summer is just around the corner, and that means that our lives are about the get really busy. Mommy and Daddy will both be starting ball soon, and your dad will be out on the golf course as well. We will be spending time at the beach, and going on a very special family trip. We have so many fun things planned to do with you this summer, I can’t wait.