Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Family Day

On Valentine's Day we had an early Family Day celebration with my Robinson's side of the family. We decided that we would go to my cousin Christa's place and have a pot luck and an afternoon full of outside fun. Christa's husband Brent built us up a little hill with the snow from their yard. Not a big one, just a perfect one for what we needed. Brent had a snowmobile, so he would take the kids around their farm on it in shifts, and they all had a blast. Jaxon of course opted out of the snowmobile ride, as we can recall what happened only a few weeks ago.
After the outside fun was had, we headed inside to do a craft with the kids. While they were outside I took a picture of them all on top of the hill, and ran into town to get it developed for the picture frames that they made.
It was so nice to be able to get together with all of my family, some were not able to make it to Christmas, so it was nice to see them. My grandma was SOOO happy that we did it too.

Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Winter Olympics

Well, tonight is the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympics. I have never sat down and watch the opening, or the closing for that matter, or the games, but I think that since they are being held in our country the patriotic thing to do would be to watch them.
I always love Olympic time. During Olympic time you are never bored because there is always something on tv to watch. I never take interest in a cross country ski race any other time of the year, but there is just something about cheering on your nation in the Olympics.
Jaxon was born during the summer games in 2008. It was a perfect time to be up all night with a baby, and be cooped in a hospital room. Since they were in China, Curt and I would be able to watch the events live, in the middle of the night. I think that it was my saving grace to keep me from going mad having Curt be occupied with watching them, and not bothering me because he was bored. We when home from the hospital it was great entertainment for those middle of the night feeding as well.
We always said that when we have our next child it would be perfect timing if we could schedule it around the Olympics again, so we don't get too bored in our hospital room. Well, I guess we missed this Olympics...we will have to wait for another 2.5 years to hit up the next summer games!!!
NOTE: for all of you people who are asking us when our next child is coming is your answer, Summer of 2012....hehehe!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Girls Night OUT

Last night we had a girls night out with a dinner and movie. We do this whenever one of us has a birthday, and it varies from outing to outing what we do. We were out to celebrate 2 birthdays last night, Cara and Beckie's, so we made it a royal affair and went to the show and out to dinner to a new restaurant in Waterloo.
We went to see the new movie Dear John, a Nicholas Spark novel that has just been made into a move, and starred the dreamy Channing Tatum. I did not mind at all sitting in the theater for 2 hours staring at him on the big screen....HE IS HOT!!! The movie was really good. A definite pull on the heart stings movie, that left your makeup smeared from the tears running down your face. This book will know be on my to read list this summer on holidays.
For dinner we went to a new restaurant that just opened at the mall in Waterloo, Oliver & Bonacini. It was fabulous. Everyone enjoyed their meal, and the restaurant was gorgeous. The service was a bit slow, but we went after our movie, so we were not in any hurry to be anywhere, except home in our bed.
Anyways, when we were watching the previews there were lots of good movies showed....a new Nicolas Sparks one called Last Song and J.Lo one The Back Up Plan. Hopefully by the end of March one of these new ones will be out and we will plan another night to the movies for my birthday!!!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Children's Museum

This Saturday was Curt's last full Saturday off before he is required to work until the end of tax season. We thought that we better make the most of our 'family time' and do something fun with Jaxon. I had talked to a friend a few weeks ago as to things that she was doing with her little girl to put in the winter months, and she had mentioned about the Children's Museum in Kitchener.
Jaxon loved it!!! He is still too small to take in a lot of the exhibits that they have there for the kids, but what he could take in her loved. He loved the big blocks that him and he dad could build something. He likes to play with his lego at home with his dad, but he especially loved the big ones that they had there.There was an area specially designated to infant play, and there were tanks in there that bubbled, and mats that if you stepped on played music. There was a hut that you could crawl through, and him and his dad spend a lot of time trying to catch each other through it.Jaxon 's favourite part of the museum had to be the pin wall. I am sure that everyone readying this post has at some point in their life played with one of these small boards, but this was a life sized one. you could put your body image in it, or just your face, or hand, or just whatever you wanted. Jaxon really like to watch others do their body image in it, and then run over and push it all back for them...little shit. There was a little girl that really did not like Jaxon for this specific reason. Oh well, that is what you get for being a hog with the pin board little girl...hehehe. Just was a good sharing lesson for my little angle.This is defiantly a place that we will be visiting again. Not somewhere you can go to over and over, but someplace that might be an annual visit.

Friday, February 05, 2010

First Ride

Last week Jaxon got an invitation to go over to his Grandma and Grandpa's because his Grandpa wanted to take him out for a snowmobile ride. I asked him when I got off the phone with Sid if he wanted to, and he was so excited. He was actually still in his PJ's when i asked him, and he wanted to go right away.
We got him dressed for the day, and his snow suit on and away we went. When we got him over there, and were getting his helmet on him, and attitude changed a little, and was not quite sure what he was getting into.
It took us about 15 minutes to get him ready to get out for his ride around the field, and they only made it to the edge of the property. Jaxon was not at all interested in sitting on the seat of the snowmobile, or evening being on it for that matter. It was a whole 2 minutes of fun, for the amount of time it took to get ready to go.
We got him off the machine, and settled down and then all he wanted to do was stand at the front window and look out at the snowmobile.
I guess this year it is better from afar, but I am sure that one of these years soon he will be begging his Grandpa for a ride on his snowmobile!!!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Happy Birthday Hadleigh

Well, the kiddies are all growing up, and Miss Hadleigh, the oldest of the bunch, had her 2nd birthday on Sunday.
Saturday night we went over to celebrate with her, and give her her gift. The poor girl did not get to open her gift though, she did have 2 others in there with her to help her open them. She was very good about sharing the pulling of the paper off the present, and even let the others look and play with the gift too.All Hadleigh wanted for her birthday was a 'Pooh' cake, and she got her wish. Cara made a Whinnie the Pooh cake for her, as well as some cupcakes. They were really good, and she had lots of candles to blow out between the cake and the cupcakes.Happy Birthday Hadleigh!!!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Play Day

A couple of weeks ago we had some of Jaxon's friends over on a Saturday afternoon for some craft play. A week or two before that we made a trip to the dollar store and got a bin full craft supplies for Jaxon for us to occupy him for the winter months. The kid's dad's were getting together that day to play, so we thought it would be a perfect opportunity for the kids to get together as well.
I spend the early afternoon making some homemade playdoe for them, and getting stuff set up for when the arrived. We had to make it later on in the afternoon so that they could all have their naps so they would not be cranky.
The table was set up, and all the supplies were out. We stripped them down to the bare necessities (i.e. diaper's) and let them go at it.
They seemed to really like the finger panting. All three of them created some masterpieces that us mom's were so proud of.After finger panting Jaxon's attention was off into the boy's room where they were playing the Wii. Jazlin and Hadleigh could have gone all day if we would have let them, but it did come time to have dinner, so we had to clear everything up off the table so we could eat.
The craft play day was a huge success, and all the kids really seemed to enjoy themselves. I think that this was maybe the first of many of these days to come in our lives!!!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010