Monday, May 28, 2007

Thank-You BBQ

On Saturday night we had everyone over that helped out at our Buck and Doe for a BBQ to thank them for all of their hard work in planning the event, and putting it on. It was a blast!!!!!
Saturday morning I got up nice and early and headed down to the St. Jacob's market to get all my fresh fruit and veggies for dinner, and I picked up the steaks at Stemmler's Meat in Heidelberg. I then got home and went to the grocery store to get all the stuff that I was not able to pick up at the market. I got home and spent 4 hours in the kitchen preparing everything, and while I spent all of this time doing all the preparation work, Curt got to be on the golf course.
Before everyone got there I had time to do up my flower pots with the flowers that I got at the market as well.
Everyone came over around 4:30, and we sat outside all evening. I was getting a little worried all day because it looked like it was going to rain, but about 1/2 hour before everyone showed up the clouds brook through, and the sun came out.
We played Texas Horseshoes, The Golf Ball Game, had an awesome meal (if I may say so myself), and all together had a great time.
A few people had to take off after we ate dinner (a.k.a. the ones who have kids), but the rest stuck around and we sat out on the deck all evening, until it started to rain.
Sunday I got up early, and managed to get all of the clean up done before Curt even thought of lifting his head off the pillow. Actually, I had to wake him up in the early afternoon to see if he would like to eat brunch with me, or if he was going to make is own when he woke up.
So.....all together I put 6 hours into the preparation for the party, and probably about 2 hours for the clean up, and all Curt did was BBQ, and he gets the praise for cooking such a great meal!!!!! I tell you, in my next life time I would like to come back as either Curt, or Lexy;)

Me, Tate and Jilly preparing the salad.

Curt cooking his 'great' meal (notice the beer in hand), he really outdid himself.

Tate, Jill, Addy & Laura

The games.

The spectators.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Season of Chippy Hunting BEGINS!!!!

For the long weekend last week, we headed up to the cottage on Friday night after I got home from work. It was a very quite, and relaxing weekend. It was soooo nice, considering the fact that from now until probably the wedding we have something scheduled for each and every weekend. There was just Curt's grandparents, parents, and us up there for the weekend.
Friday night we did not get up there until around 9, so we got unpacked, watched a bit of television, and headed off to bed.
Saturday morning Lexy woke us up bright and early because she thought she needed to get out on the deck and start her chippy hunting for the season. She spent the whole day out there. Out and in, in and out!!!!! She would sit inside at the door and bark when she saw one, so we would let her out. Then the chipmunks would not come up on the deck when she was out there, so back in she would come. This little game went on the entire day.
Curt and his dad met up with his dad's friend at the golf course in Sauble and did 9 holes, then his wife and kids, along with Lois and I met up with them at the club house after for lunch. We sat out on the patio for the afternoon having lunch, having a few drinks, and chatting. It was gorgeous out, and I got BURNT!!!
Sunday was cold and wet. We headed into Sauble to do some shopping, but it was even too cold to walk around down town. We went back to the cottage, sat around all day, and did absolutely nothing.
Monday we got up nice and early and headed home. We had stuff to do around the house, so we were home around 11:30 to get it started. Curt power washed the deck, and I did house work. Later in the afternoon Curt took off up to the golf course to meet up with Johnny, Harrison and Rob on the back 9. After they were done golfing, everyone came over and we cooked some hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner.
It was a very nice, relaxing weekend. I can not remember the last time I did nothing all weekend. I kind of felt guilty not doing stuff for the wedding, or doing stuff around the house, by know that I look back at it I believe that it was well deserved!!!! ;)

Lexy and Ty trying to locat their pray.

Curt and Ty

Lexy sticking her toung out at me!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ryan & Karen's Buck&Doe

Friday night was Curt's cousin, Ryan's, Buck and Doe.
Curt is in the wedding party so he was off all day doing preparations for it. You know, the regular, picking up the beer, dropping it off and putting it in the cooler, and then hitting the golf course. He had a very hard day of preparations (hehehe). I was off too, but mine was not fun. I had my 2 bottom wisdom teeth pulled on Thursday, so I spent the day on the couch with an aching mouth.
Before the buck and doe we went over to the best man's house for a BBQ. It was great. I had not ate anything for more then 24hours, so I was really hungry. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, and salads, and then headed up to the hall to get some last minute things set up.
I was not able to stick around for the entire evening, as I was exhausted and not feeling well, due to my antibiotics. I guess the groom had a really good time, and by the end of the evening he was curled up on the counter with his head in the sink (thank go Curt did not act like that at ours, because both me and my mother probably would have killed him).
Here are a few highlights of the evening, for when I was there:

the bride and groom, Ryan McLaughlin and Karen Droog

the groom in his fanny pack. they had to wear these around to collect money. whoever had the most money at the end of the evening, got to throw a pie in the other persons face.
Pars taking Curt's grandma Marg for a spin around the dance floor.
Curt and I.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Robinson's 'Double' Shower

Well, the day after my Buck and Doe my mom's family planned a shower for my sister and nice of them.
The day was great, except for the fact that my tummy was a little upset, and I was extremely tired. Thank god that Cara was there to take the attention off of just me. I did not feel like I was that gracious of a bride, even though I was more then thank you for all of the wonderful gift that I recieved, but I do think the everyone there understood my reasoning on why I was not that social.
Cara and I both got a lot of great gifts, and I can not wait to get them home and up in our house. Right know they are all sitting at my mom's in the basement in case anyone wants to view the gifts!!!!

my mom had these stones painted for Cara and I. they are of a bride and groom, and they have our names on them, and the date of our wedding.

my cousin's wife gave us these planters done up. this is one gift that I did take to my house, because I thought it would not do to well in the basement, and by September 15, it would probably be dead. the shower was a garden them, and this was one of few 'garden themed' gifts that we received.

Curt's grandma Marg, me and Lois
My grandma Robinson, Grandma Strachan, mom, Cara and I.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Our Buck & Doe

Well Friday night was our Buck and Doe, and what a great time it was. We had a great turn out, and the evening was very successful.
Before the Buck and Doe we all went to Sid and Lois's for dinner. It was great to all sit around, and get excited about the evening. It was nice for the wedding party to have time to relax before they went to the Buck and Doe and had to work.
The night is kind of a blur for me, not because I had to much to drink, but because it just went by so fast. There were so many people there, and I spent the whole evening being a socializing blushing bride-to-be.
I had my aunt taking pictures, and there are probably about 150 pictures sitting on my camera. It was nice to get someone else to take the photo's, that way you got pictures that you would not normally take. It was also nice because you can go back to them and see people in them, that you might not have seen that evening.
Here are a few:

me eating dinner in my tea towel to make sure that I did not get my shirt dirty

Mat & Jilly getting things ready

Curt and I

Laura, Cara and Johnny working the front door

Holly, Rachel, Leanne, Jill, me and Leanne's sister

Cara, Jaycee and Johnny

The boys having to sing after the lost

Annie (a lady that I work with), and I

me and my mom
felling pretty good by the end of the evening!!!!!

Karen's Shower

A few weeks ago (yes....I am really behine in my posts) Lois had a shower for Karen, who is marrying Curt's cousin Ryan this summer.
a few pics of the event:

Destiny helping Karen open her gifts.

Karen and the two hostess, Lois & Trisha.