Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Family Day fun

This past weekend Curt was in a hockey tournament with some of his friends, so the most part of the weekend was spent in the arena.

Saturday Jaxon and I were invited to attend a Family Fun day for my mom's work. It was being held at East Wawanosh Conservation Area and was to be an outdoor day filled with lots of fun games and then a pot luck for dinner. We were going to head to the arena on our way home to catch Curt's hockey game then.

Well, as well all know in mid-western Ontario, we can not plan anything in the winter months that is set in stone. We woke up Saturday morning and started to head over to Palmerston to my hair appointment and it was quite stormy. When Jaxon and I come home around 11:30 it was terrible. If I would have had to drive over to my appointment in that weather, I would not have been going. So, needless to say the Family Fun Day was cancelled. We instead were invited over to one of her co-workers house for the potluck, since everyone had their stuff made for the potluck.

By supper time the weather had died down, so we were still able to make it out to Curt's hockey game. Thank goodness, because I would have one upset little boy on my hands if he did not get to go see his dad play hockey, and to see the Zamboni. Hockey and the Zamboni is what Jaxon seems to live for these days, and the work probably would have ended if he was not able to get out to see them.
Sunday morning we headed back to the arena to witness a bunch of hung over guys trying to play hockey. Needless to say, in their condition, they did not win the game and we did not have to stick around the arena all do for them to have to play in the finals.

We headed over to my mom and dads place after the hockey game to have a nice relaxing Sunday with them in honor of Family Day.Monday we were invited over to Curt's parents place to celebrate Family Day with them. Curt is heavy into tax season know, so he spend the day in the office and come home a little early so we could head over there when Jaxon woke up from his nap.

They have a hill over at their house that we have visted a few time this year. When Curt was younger his friends and him would always race down it in the winter with their GT Snowracer's, and he has really enjoyed reliving his youth through his son. Reed was there, and Lois had bought a new sleigh for the boys. It was great...they loved it. Jaxon has only gone down it in his wooden sleigh in the past, and this new one was super fast. He LOVED it, to say the least. He belly laughed the whole way down. Reed on the other head did not know what to think about it. He did go down a couple of times, but after they almost ran into a tree, he was done. Jax...no way. He wanted to do it again.

After our outdoor fun we made our way inside to have dinner and a visit. With it being winter, and full on snowmobile season we do not get to see Curt's parents as much as usual, so it was nice that we got the spend some time with them on Family Day.

Hope you all had to great Family Day with your loved ones.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

CWIFFORD...as Jaxon would say

Last night Clifford made an appearance at your local library. Each month our Early Years Centre in Listowel has a night at the library where we go and sing songs, play games and read stories. Last month is was a story from the librarian, and last night Clifford the Big Red Dog come to sing songs and read stories with us.
Jaxon loves Clifford, and I guess he made an appearance at the Day Care yesterday, but Jaxon spend the day with his Poppy and was not there to see him. He got a ticket last week at school for an appearance that Clifford is making this Saturday at the library and they must have talked all about it because ever since he brought that ticket home all he wants to do is go and see CWIFFORD!!! He was so excited that it was finally the day, and could not even eat his dinner due to the excitement of going to see Cwifford. We got our pj's on and headed to go and see him. He was so excited that not only did he get to see Cwifford, but Jaz was there as well.
Clifford had not made it there yet when we go there, so we went in and read a story with Debbie and waited for him. After Debbie was done the story we called out for Clifford to come and join us and as the big red dog made his way over to us my little scardie cat came running over to me saying...I scared mommy, I scared mommy!!! When it came time to go and sit with Clifford there was no way Jaxon was going close to him. He would sit on my knee over int he corner and wave to him, and Clifford would wave back, but there was no way we were getting anywhere near that big read dog. When I tried to get him to get his picture taken to take home to show daddy he was clench on to my neck so tight I thought was going to rip my shirt.Oh well, he enjoyed himself, except for the party where his mean old mom made him get his picture taken with him. He went home and that is all he talked about with his dad.
Jaxon love to go to the library and get book and a movie, so last night it was all about Clifford. He wanted to get a Clifford movie (which they did not have) and he got 2 Clifford books. We will be able to talk about Clifford for the next week, until we have to return our book and then I am sure it will be all about something different.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First OFFICIAL trip to the Dentist

As some of you may remember, Jaxon had to make an emergency visit to the dentist last Christmas. Today he had an actual appointment for his very first check up. Both him and I had back to back appointments, and when we got there he wanted me to go first. I got up on the chair and get my teeth cleaned, and Jaxon felt that I should have been done after I opened my mouth and she looked at my teeth. He was not prepared to have me sitting in the chair for 20+ minutes having the dental hygienist working on my teeth.
We have been talked for about a month know about going to the dentist and the importance of brushing our teeth the that the dentist does not give us trouble when we go. We have been preparing him that he will have to open his mouth really wide and have the dentist look at his teeth, and that he is probably going to count them, and they Jaxon will usually show me how the dentist is going to count them.
So, after I got all my work done, and found out that I had no cavities it was Jax turn to get in the chair. No mommy...lets go!!! He did not want to have his turn, and he did not want to sit in the chair. I finally got him convince that he could sit in the chair, and that I would sit right beside him. He took a ride in the chair, but did not want the hygienist to clean his teeth. We decided that we would just call the dentist right in the check them, and that maybe the next time he would be read for a cleaning.
He probably only sat on the chair the way that he should for the time that it took me to take the above picture, and then he was ready to go!!!
Oh well...we will give him 9 months to prepare for the next trip to see Dr. Nuhn and hopefully he will co-operate a little better.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Hadleigh Turns 3!!!

This past weekend little miss Hadleigh had all of her friends over to celebrate her birthday. The little princess is 3. I.CAN.NOT.BELEIVE.IT!!! It seems like only a few months ago she was born.This was the first birthday party that Jaxon has been too where it was more geared for the kids, rather then the 1st birthday style with parents/grand parents/ect....there. Hadleigh got to choose who she wanted to come to her party, so she had Jaxon, Jazlin, her cousin Sam and her boyfriend Gavin over. She had a Tinkerbell and Pirate theme for her party, and she was the star of the show in her little Tinkerbell outfit.I stuck around the party too, to make sure that my child behaved himself!!! The party started at 10, and I tell you after lunch and cake rolled around I was ready for a nape. 5 little 2 and 3 year old can really tire a person out. I can not imagine how Rob and Beckie felt after it all.
(little miss Jazlin was ready for a rest after she ate too...she just put her feet up on the table and laid her head back...Oh, she is such a Johnston!!!)

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Happy Birthday WaWa

This past weekend we celebrated Auntie WaWa's birthday with her dinner at mom and dad's.
In our family when it is your birthday you get to choose the menu and Auntie WaWa decided to tailor it around Jaxon's likes more so then hers. We had home made macaroni, chicken wings, meat balls, mini panzaroties and salad. What a great aunt, putting Jaxon ahead of her own taste buds for her special day!!! My aunt and uncle came over as well and my aunt made a wonderful coffee cake for dessert.
HaPpY bIrThDaY CARA!!!!