Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Show

Saturday was the fall fair in Milverton, so I packed Jaxon up in the morning and headed over to the baby show. Since the Listowel fair is always on the weekend that Curt and his dad play in a ball tournament is Sauble Beach, we always miss it. Since Jaxon did not get to participate in the Listowel baby show, I thought I would bring him to the Milverton one. It was kind of special anyways, because I was in the Milverton one when I was in a baby, so it was a bit of nostalgia.
Anyways, there was I believe 7 in Jaxon's category (1-2 year old boys) and my little boy one for the biggest smile.
It was too bad that Curt could not come along with us, because there was a category for look-a-likes, and they would have won for sure!!!!

Time with Gampy

Jaxon and I spend the evening at mom and dad's on Friday night, so Jaxon go to spend some quality time with his Gampy. Mom and Cara where doing a wedding cake, so I was on supper detail and Jaxon and Gampy got to play, have a snake and watch t.v. together.
There is defiantly not any Strachan in the boy, but I do believe (and it is unfortunate) that he might have got his Gampy's ear's!!!!

New Normal

Well, or new normal has begun. I started back to work on September 8th, and we are now in our 3rd week of routine, and I think that we are staring to get the hang of things.
Jaxon loves his new sitter. Curt usually does the drop off and the pick up, but on Thursdays I don't go into work until later, so I do the drop off. My first Thursday to do it I took him in and he could not never stick around to say good-bye to me. Off to the toy room he was, and I got into the car with a little tear in my eye. Everyone said it was better to have him do that then to cling onto my leg not wanted to leave me, but I at least would have like to him to stick around to say give me a wave or something. Oh well, last week he did give me a kiss, and stuck around for a wave. I felt much better that day driving to work.
I am not sure this whole working full time thing is for me though. I am having one heck of a time keeping up with the laundry, the groceries shopping, making dinner, and trying to keep the house clean. Not to mention that I still do hair one night a week, so that takes away 4-5 hours out of the week as well. Curt has been spoiled for the last year and a little bit with not having to do the cleaning or laundry, but he has soon found out that is going to be joint team work from know on so we can keep up with everything.
Not only am I having a hard time keeping up to my wife duties, I am having a hard time keeping up to the mother duties as well. Curt is good at getting dinner on the table for when I get home, but I usually try to have it all planned out for him. I have tried quite a few new crock pot recipes that he will put on at lunch time, and will be ready for me when I get home from work. This still takes a lot to effort to get ready though. The night before I am usually preparing the next nights dinner just after we finish that nights. I only have a few short hours to spend with Jaxon before he is ready for bed, and it sucks when I have to spend it in the kitchen doing preps for the next day.
Oh boy, life has changed. If anyone out there has a job for me, where I can only work part time, but still make as much as I do know....let me know.
I have managed to re-arrange my hours at work though and I am home by 4:45 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays. Thursday it is not until 6:30-6:45 and Friday 5:45-6:00.
Anyways, I know that every family has to go through this, but you really do not know exactly what it is like until you have to experience yourself.
As I said on the 8th, it was the first day of the rest of our life with our 'new' normal!!!