Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Dear Jaxon,
Well little man, 7 months old…I cannot believe it.
You are becoming such a big boy and so independent. Daddy and I cannot take our eyes off of you for more then a second or else you are getting into something. You do not like us to do thing for you anymore, you would much rather do it on your own.
You love to talk too. You really do not have a wide range of vocabulary, but you love to say the words that you can say….dada….adad….nana. If anyone else is talking you have to make sure that you show them you have a voice too and overpower their words with yours.
You have started to sit all by yourself, with very little falls anymore. You love this position because you can keep your eyes on everything, but still play with your toys. You have also learned how to roll from your belly to your back, so you are a traveling machine. You will still only roll to your left side, but you still manage to cover a lot of ground just by rolling back and forth from your tummy to your back.
You have decided that you are going to become a picky eater. You will not eat baby food veggies or meat, but will eat it if it is real food ground up. You will only eat it though if you feed it to yourself…no taking it from a spoon for you, you are a BIG BOY!!!! You still will eat your cereal and fruit when I feed it to you, but that is about it. You love your baby cookies and mum mum’s and have started to drink from a sippy cup as well.
The nice weather has made a few appearances in the past couple of weeks and we are getting out for walks. You love them. You have to sit up and take it all in, no laying back for you. You are quite the nosy little parker that way, always needed to know what is going on. Even when we are out and about, you will not have your naps afraid that you might miss something.
You got a new playmate this month too. On March 9th your friend Jazlin Nicole Johnston was born. You went and met her the day after she was born and liked her from the moment that you laid your eyes on her. Finally someone that is smaller then you. You are one little stud muffin with all these little girls surrounding you.
We have continued our Wednesday afternoon baby groups, and the odd Tuesday morning parent talks with the Early Years Center here in town and we still manage to make it swimming the odd Thursday. You and your cousin Reed are really starting to enjoy the water.
Well monkey, before you know it the summer is going to be here and we will be spending our days on the beach at the cottage. I am sure that you will love it considering your love for the water. I cannot wait for you to be able to sit and play in the grass, and go to the beach and play in the sand. Your dad informed us the other night that it is only 8-9 weeks until we will be making our first trip to the cottage for the May 24 weekend.
Some days I often sit and watch you playing and wonder where my little baby has gone. I do love that you still like to cuddle with your mommy. We will sit and rock together cuddling a least a couple of times a day, and I love it. It shows me how much you love me, and my baby has not completely gown up, although I hope that you never loose that cuddliness!!!