Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby Bean's Second Picture

Today I had to go for another ultrasound because they could not get a clear picture of the heart and all of it departments. It was not a good experience today though. As soon as the technician (I might add that it was a student tech) started to take all the measurements that she needed to I started to feel ill and had to get up and go and get sick. NOT a nice experience. There is one thing about getting sick in your own home, and then there is another about being somewhere else. I would have to say that I am having a harder time with my morning sickness in the second trimester then I ever did in the my first.
Anyways, I felt fine after about 15min. in the washroom and was able to continue with the ultrasound.
Here is the products of this weeks ultrasound!!!! Looks like a chubby one...hehehe.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tim & Ashley

Friday night we had an engagement party for our friend's Tim & Ashley. They got engaged a couple of months ago, and they will be getting married this summer. They have done a lot of work in the planning in a short period of time.....considering they will actually only be engaged for about 5 months before the wedding.
Curt is so honoured to the the best man in the wedding. Tim and him grew up together, and have remained close friends since they were little boys. Tim was in our wedding party last September as well.
The engagement party was in Elmira at Ashley's sister's house, and was a great time. Some of the girls that are in the wedding party, I did not know who they were, so it was a great time to get to know everyone.

Monday, April 07, 2008

First Pictures of Baby Bean

So baby bean is the name that I have choose to call this little human growing inside of me, until it decides to present itself to the world and we can give it either a boy's or a girl's name.
On Friday I went for my 18 week ultrasound, and everything is looking great.
I have been for two other ultrasounds before know, but I have never received pictures, and Curt has never been able to come into the room before either. It was so great to have him be able to come in and experience the baby move. I was able to see it move and it's little heart beat in the previous one's, but this is the first that Curt was able to see.
When the technician first brought him into the room I could tell by the look on his face that he had not idea what he was looking at, but she was really good at explaining what was on the screen and so that Curt knew what to look for.
Well, here is the first picture for the baby book: Baby Bean McLaughlin, April 4, 2008 (18 weeks, 2 days old):

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Jack & Tate's 1st Birthday

So, a couple of weeks ago my friend's twin's turned 1 year old. This is the first child's birthday party that we have ever been to, and it was quite interesting.
Curt and I are not normally around children, as most of our friends that we hang around with on a weekly basis do not have any, so when you put 6 children...all under the age of 5 in the same room for 5 hours, it was a great way to see what our future would like like after we have this little one. I was fine with the commotion...Curt on the other hand was ready to go about just a few hours of it.
I could hardly believe that they boys were 1 already. It only seems like yesterday that they were born. They really seemed to enjoy their cake, and I can only hope that I remember this when I am planning our first party....do not use black icing on a child's cake, white all the way!!!!

Addy, their sister, also seemed to enjoy their cake!!!