Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Glimps Sign of Spring

Well, last Saturday when the sun decided to grace us with it's presence, we thought that it would be great if we had a BBQ. This is something that we quit often do in the summer months as a group of friends. It is a lot cheaper then going out for dinner, and fun just to sit in the back yard, and fire up the BBQ for din din.
Although we could not sit on the deck while we cooked, we did get to have our 'first official BBQ of the season'.
Us ladies headed over the Zehr's in the afternoon and got stuff to make a couple of salads, ice cream sandwich's for dessert, and our hamburgers and hot dogs.
After the hockey game was over the boys fired up the Q and started to cook the meat. I a note sure what all of them were doing huddles around the BBQ, besides trying to keep warm, but I am sure that it did not take 4 of them to cook the hot dogs and hamburgers.

While the boys were cooking the meat, we got the salad made, and the pickles cut up for our burgers. We had to do this task a few times because while we were waiting for the guys to finish the food, we snacked away at the strawberries in the salad and the dill pickles that we had cut!!!

That night we had a Buck and Doe to got to for Tom Smith and Sarah Nelson, so we just sat around after dinner, had a game of Pass the Ace, and watch some playoff hockey.<
The Buck and Doe was out in Atwood and they had a great turn out. Tom plays on Curt's ball team, so we were hopping that some of the guys off of the team would be there, since we have not seen them very much through the winter, but no such luck!!!! They did this game were each of them had a buck that people had to put money in, and who ever raised the most money at the end of the night got to through a pie in the face of the other. Needless to say (by the picture) you can probably tell that Sarah was the winner, and Tom was the one that got to wear the pie in the face....hahaha!!!
It sounds like this weekend is going to have a some great weather for us. Here is to hoping that it is true, and maybe we can have our second official BBQ of the season, and even get some outside work done for the spring!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Cara and Justin's Buck & Doe

Last Friday night was Cara and Justin's Buck and Doe.
The girls and I were at the hall bright and early in the morning making the pudding and jello shooters, and carrying all the cases of beer and liquor.
Since the guys in the wedding party are all from Hamilton, it was up to us girls here in Listowel to get this stuff done, and then when we went to the hall at 8, before the Buck and Doe, they helped with all of the other stuff.
Thank you to all of you who were able to make it out to support the happy couple.
Here a few pictures of the evening:
Cara being crowned the princess for the evening.
Justin in his top hat.
Julie and Erin getting ready for the evening.
Curt and Curt working the door.Me and Jaycee getting the door prizes ready for the draws.
The wedding party: [Julie, Jaycee, Justin, Cara, Erin, Me, Chris (Justin's brother-in-law), Jay (Justin's brother), Matt (Justin's friend)]

Thursday, April 12, 2007


On Sunday, April 1 my mom's family had our Easter gathering. Since the Buck and doe was going to be on the Easter weekend, they thought that we should get together on the weekend before.
For as long as I can remember we have always had an Easter treat bag hunt. My mom has 5 other brothers and sisters, so I have a number of cousins and I can remember us all gathering in the back yard at my Grandma Robinson's house in Atwood. Our parents would do up the treat bags, and hide them in the back yard and all of us would be running around trying to find our candy.
This tradition still carries on, but we do not hide the candy for all of my cousins, we now hid it for all of the great grand children. Us grandchildren still get our treat bags, but the great grand children get to do the hunt.
Here a few photos of the kids finding their bags:

Hayleigh helping Sidney to find her eggs.

Emily sees on the in tree, while Hayleigh and Sidney sort theirs.

Hayleigh found one in the tree.

It is great that we can all still get together as a family, but when we all get there, the house is plenty full. It is also great that these kids will have the memories to take with them of the Easter hunts, as I do.


So, I have been completely lazy lately with my blog posts. I have to tell you, last year my obsession was blogger, and then this year it is face book....YES, I AM A FACEBOOK ADDICT!!!!
Lately I have no problems uploading my pictures to my Facebook, but seem to have a big problem to transfer them to my blog and write a little post.
No only have I been obsessed with Facebook, but with this weather I have not had that much ambition to do much of anything. I seem to be so busy at work, and then the last thing that I wand to do when I get home is get in front of the computer for another hour or so.
I promise, with all the exciting events that are starting to happen around our house, I will keep you all posted on happenings and the photos.
I will get down to business, and sum up the last couple of weeks in 3 posts (this being 1 of 3):
March 29th was my Birthday....#26!!!! Curt worked all day, so my mom and dad had me over for dinner, and my grandma's were there too. We did the cake thing, the picture thing, and I was home and in bed @ 9:00p.m.!!!! Wow...excitement.
Here are a few photos of the big day.......