Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Justin's Birthday

Last week I was able to buy my very first 'brother' birthday card, as it was Justin's 25th birthday.
Cara had a surprise party for him at Moose Winooski's last Saturday night where his family and friends from Brantford joined up with our family and friends from Listowel, and we had a celebration.
It was quite the ordeal to try to get him to the restaurant for the surprise. He thought that since it was his birthday that he should be able to pick the restaurant that he wanted to go to, and he wanted to go to the Keg. I finally had to tell him to suck it up, and if he did not co-operate with us (since we were taking him out for dinner) that we would not do anything for him at all. He was kind of being a baby about the whole thing, but I think he maybe changed his attitude when we got there. He said that he suspected something, but ya right....people always say that after their surprise parties.

His actual birthday was on the Monday, but him and Cara went to Darien Lake with his brother and sister-in-law, so we had his family birthday celebration on the Tuesday night.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Omand Family/McLaughlin Family Friend's Shower

Last Saturday I had a shower hosted for me by Curt's aunt Joyce and her daughter Carrie at the Gownstown hall. All of Curt's mom's family was there, along with the McLaughlin family friends, and the wedding party's mother's.
The shower was truly elegant, true Joyce style. When Curt's aunt Joyce plans something, it is truly elegant. The appetizers where catered, along with the desserts and they were awesome.
I received sooooo many nice gifts. We are truly lucky to have all these generous people in our lives. I can not wait to get them all home after the honeymoon and get them into our house. They will all have a special place somewhere.
Here are some pictures of the day:

all the wonderful foodme opening some of my giftsme and my girls, Trisha, Cara, Laura & Jillmom, me and Lois

my bow decor....flip flops & a pashmina

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ryan & Karen's Wedding

A couple of weeks ago Curt's cousin Ryan got married and Curt was in the wedding party.
(short on words today, so here are the pictures)
the guys in the limo on their way to the church
Mr. and Mrs. McLaughlin
the most beautiful junior bridesmaid that I have ever seen....Destiny
the boys......Andrew, Curt and Ryan

Cara and Justin