Monday, July 26, 2010

Strachan Pool Party

This weekend was spent down in Toronto at my aunt and uncle's place for our annual Strachan Pool Party weekend. My uncle had called Curt last week and asked him if he wanted to go with him to the Canadian Open because he had got some tickets through work so we headed down nice and early on Saturday morning to be there for 9 so they could head over and take in some golf before the pool party was to start.
Saturday was one hot day, but unfortunately the sun did not decide to join us for the pool party until after supper. They had been calling for rain all week for Saturday and sun for Sunday, so we had decided that we would spend the night on Saturday night so we could maybe enjoy the pool on Sunday in the sun. We did manage to go in the pool after dinner on the Saturday, and Jaxon had a blast. He had his water wings on and was one swimming machine.
Unfortunately the first time he jumped in the water for the weekend he did not have his swimsuit on yet, and me either for that fact. My mom was letting the dogs out for a pee earlier in the afternoon and Jaxon decided that he was going to go and play with the ball by the basketball net. After he picked up the ball, he thought he could shoot it for the net, but the net was facing towards the water. He fell in the pool, and I was not to far behind him to rescue him. What a little bugger. It did not even faze him fear in the world this kids has.
Saturday night was beautiful. We had a bocci ball game after dinner and after dark everyone decided that it was time to get their swim on. They went from the pool to the hot tub, and even Jaxon was going along with everyone, until I finally thought at 11:30 it was time for the little boy to go to bed.Sunday when we got up it was a little overcast, but finally after breakfast the sun come out and it was a beautiful day. We decided that we would spend the afternoon in the pool and then head home. While, but the time I finally got enough energy to get things packed up, and drive home it was after 9 by the time we got home.
Next year I hope that the sun decides to make its appearance on the Saturday so we can have our pool party that day, because I am one tire girl at work today!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ball & Beer.....for the daddy's

This past weekend was the ball tournament that Curt goes in with his father every year in Sauble Beach. We go to the cottage for the weekend, and are usually at the ball diamond all weekend. It used to be a weekend of 'whatever' before we threw our kids into the mix. Last weekend it was still ok, because Jaxon was small enough that he would sleep in his stroller, or was happy to be passed around from person to person giving him attention.
This year was a whole other story. Mommy's and kids pretty much only went to the games, and then it was back to the cottage to keep the kids occupied.
Johnny plays on the team with Curt and Sid, so him Jazlin and Nicole were at the cottage for the weekend too.We did manage to make it down to the beach late Saturday afternoon after Jaxon and I woke up from our wonderful 3 hour nape, but I did not get any pictures taken.
Well, it was quite the weekend. Daddy's play ball and drink beer, and mommy's get to tend with busy kids who do not want to watch ball, or sit in the beer gardens.
I am just wondering when mommy's get to have a weekend like that, because the daddy's have already had a couple of those this year???
On Sunday night when Curt finally made it back to the cottage after sitting in the beer gardens all day, I packed up and went to with Johnny and Nic because I had to work the next day. I left Jaxon and Curt at the cottage to enjoy a day at the beach together on Monday, and some much needed bonding time after the weekend!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Holidays PART 1

Last week was the first of our 2 weeks of summer holidays this years. Last week was spend in Collingwood with my family, and the next, in August will be spent at Curt's family's cottage.
The weather was beautiful. We sure did luck out!!! It was HOT, HOT, HOT. Not to complain, but it was almost too had to do anything. Thank god that is exactly what we did. It was a week of rest and relaxation.
My parents have a time share in Collingwood, so that is where our week was spent. We decided last year when we took a family trip to Virginia that we would make it an annual event, and every other year we would make it a big trip. This year was our off year, so it was spent by the pool in Ontario.
Jaxon spent a lot of time swimming, and learning to do it by himself. He was not all too fond of the water wings, but one he realized when he had them on he could swim by himself he did not mind having them on.
Jaxon even got the luxury of learning how to be a 'farm kid' by riding around on the resort in the back of gampy's truck. I was amazed that we got him to go in his car seat when we had to travel on the highways. He had his own chair set up in the back, and was pretty much the king of the resort!!!Jaxon was his busy self for the week, while the rest of us sat around and watched him use up all his energy. There seemed to be an endless supply of it though. He did get his aunty Cara to take him on a walk daily pretty much, and him and I went out for a bike ride a couple of times. Habby even got to come along for the ride.One night we made our way to the village over at Blue Mountain. It was gorgeous over there. The last time I was there was when I was a kid, and you would never know that it was the same place. There are little streets lined with stores to shop at, or restaurants with patios on them that you could enjoy a drink or an meal.There was a little man made lake there which people could fish off, and Jaxon loved looking of the edge of it to try to see some fish..... and he liked messing up the neatly arranged life sized checkers board.We also spend a morning over a Blue Mountain at the splash pool there. There was a lot of stuff young kids to do, but not so much the older. I remember when I was a kid there was the great slide ride, and wonderful water slides at Blue Mountain. Not any more. This is the extent of the water slide:We did not have to worry about Jaxon hurting his self thought. He did attempt to go down the slide one time by himself, but he flipped over on the turn, and from there on in whoever he went to the top with he held onto for dear life until he knew they were coming down with him. As soon as you took off from the tip, he was screaming with excitement....he LOVED it.It was a good holiday. Rest, Relaxation and great time spent with family...what more could you ask for during the lazy days of summer.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Happy Canada Day

Canada Day this year, just as every other year, was spend in Atwood at the Lion's Canada Day festivities. They always have a big parade, a ball tournament, a beer gardens, a wonderful pork chop dinner and lots of stuff for the kids to do.
We usually put a team in the ball tournament, but this year with the kids the age that they are, we thought it would be kind of hard to contain them to the ball field when there is so much more going on. Thank god we decided what we did, because it would haven been crazy.
Out of the whole day's festivities, this appears to be the only picture that I got. It is of my dad and Justin competing in the log cutting....the lost!!!