Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cousin's Baptism

Yesterday was Jaxon and Reed's baptism. Both boys were so well behaved, and neither of them cried during the baptism. It was great.
After the service we had a reception in the basement of the church with all of our friends and family. It was so nice to have them all there to celebrate this with us. It is funny how these little things really mean so much to me know. Before it was more of a family gathering, but know every little gathering has so much meaning.
It was so much to be able to do this together as well. I am sure that is was the first of many things that these two boys will do together!

Friday, November 21, 2008

When he does sleep on his back......

....this is how he does it.


Last Sunday Jaxon got the spend the afternoon at his Grandma and Grandpa McLaughlin's house with his cousin Reed. I am sure that this was the first of many afternoon's that the boys will get the share together at their place. It seemed that when Jaxon was awake, Reed was sleeping and visa this is really the only photo opportunity that we got.

3 months old

Dear Little Man,
Well Mr. Jaxon, you are three months old already!!!!! It is sooooo hard to remember what life was like with just the two of us, but it is still unbelievable that that much time has passed us by already.
The past month has been full of activities. We stared our infant program on Thursday mornings, and you will graduate from it next week. We also started a Baby Beats program on Wednesday mornings, and we are 2 weeks into that. It is a great morning out for mom, because she can exercise while still incorporating you into it. It is nice know that the snow has come, because we are not getting out for our daily walks like we had been.
You also celebrated your first Halloween this month. You dressed up as a teddy bear, and the cutest little teddy bear that I have ever seen with you cousin Reed coming in as a close second. It was just by chance that they two of you got the same costume, but it was sooooo cute. We took the two of you out in the afternoon to Grandmas work, and then to Great Grandma and Grandpa McLaughlin’s together. After auntie Trish and Reed went home, we had a lot of places to go our self. You were one tired little boy after all of your trick or treating, and spent the night at your Gammie and Gampa’s that night. You also had your first sleep over at your Grandma and Grandpa McLaughlin’s this month, and you were wonderful.
Along with your first Halloween, you also celebrated your Gampa’s 54th birthday, Addy’s 3rd birthday, and your Gammie's 50th birthday. You were a very busy boy with lots of parties to attend this past month.
As for your sleeping, you must know that you mommy and daddy really like their sleep. You have been going to bed around 10:00p.m. and sleeping right through until 8:00a.m. In the past week I have been noticing that you have been taking a long nap before your last bottle, so you are maybe wanted to start to go to bed earlier and we will start to try that tonight. You usually take a little ½ nap in the morning and then you like to have a long nap in the afternoon ranging anywhere from 1½ -3½ hours. It usually seems that the days that I would like to get some things done are the days that you do not want to take a nape, and the days that I am willing to lay down beside you for a rest are the ones that you will sleep all afternoon. You are stared to take your naps in your crib know, as I think that you have stared to out grow your cradle.
You have had a bout of thrush this past couple of weeks, but we have been giving you your medicine and it seems to be clearing up. It is a good thing that this medication thing will not have to last that much longer because you really do not like to take it. We had to take you to doctor a week ago for the thrush and they weighed you. You were tipping the scales at 14lbs.6oz. We were also there on October 25th to get your needles, which you took like a champ. At that time you were weighing 13lbs., and were 59cm long.
You love lay on the floor and kick and coo and ca. You love to play with your Elmo play center on the floor as well. You have stared to take a real interest in your other toys in the past week as well, especially the ones that have lights and sounds to them. You are stared to grab at stuff, and will hold it in your hand for a while as well. You are full of smiles when you wake up and will just sit there and talk and smile with me for quite a long time before you loose interest and want to start something else. You have also stared to take an interest in the television over the past couple of week. You really do not pay much attention to it during the day, but at night when it is dark and it lights up in the living room, you will lie there and watch all the bright motions.
We have started to go to church almost every Sunday, and you are the perfect little angle through the whole service. People often commend you on your behavior on our way out after it is over. You are very good everywhere we seem to take you, though it seems that if it in the evenings you really like to be in your own home and cuddle with your mom. We have been out a couple of nights and you will not settle for anyone but me. It makes me feel great, but your auntie Cara is starting to get a complex and your dad says that you better not be starting to become a mommy sucks….but I say that it is ok if you want to be.
Well this next month is going to be a busy one with preparations for your first Christmas and also you’re Baptism in a couple of weeks. We have already got your Christmas tree up, but you and me will have to some baking, and shopping, and lots of wrapping….so we will have a full schedule.
Well little man, this has been the fastest 3 months of my life. I love you more and more each day and you melt my heart every time I get to see you, hold you, and squeeze you. I love you sooooo much,
Love, Mommy

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy 50th Mommy

Well, as I post this blog my mother only has about 9 minutes left of her 50th birthday, but according to her it is more of a month long celebration then just one day.
It started about 2.5 weeks ago with people taking her out for dinner, then on Saturday night we threw her a big surprise party, and her last day of celebration is next Saturday when she is going to the spa with one of her friends.

For anyone of you who knows my mom, you know that she is one of few people that does not mind growing old. She absolutely LOVES her birthday, and will start to remind people about October 1st that is just around the corner.

We went out for dinner with her tonight for the actual celebration, as well as threw her the surprise party on Saturday. The girls at work decorated her office with banners, 50 pictures and 50 50's so all would know that today was the day. I don't believe that they would have had to decorate at all, she would have taken it upon herself to let anyone that walked past her office know that it was her Birthday.

Anyways, happy birthday to the best mom/gammie in the world!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Little Mans New Do

Well, Jaxon got his second haircut this week. On Monday I thought it was time to trim up his locks again, and what a trim it was. I took the clippers to the back and sides this time and got it really sort. There was quite the pile laying on the floore when I was done.
What a little man he looks like know. I am still hoping that he is going to have curt to his hair, but until it gets a little thicker it is just frizzy when it is long.
As if Jaxon did not look like his dad enough already, know they are sporting the same do!!!!
(he has to learn to open his eyes when he smiles!!!)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What a Week

Well, where do I start. I sat down on the computer on Sunday night to start to write my post for our busy day that we had and I opened something in the facebook inbox and got a virus. It has been a long week without my computer. It is connections to the outside world, since I am on mat leave, and I was lost without it.Saturday we had a day of nothing, which was nice because Sunday was a whirlwind of events. We went to church, and then I had a shower to go to for Reed and Trisha:
and then a birthday party for Addy:
and then birthday supper for my dad.
This week was pretty busy for Jaxon and I as well. Sunday night we discovered the Jaxon had thrush, so Monday was spend tending to him and going to the dr. office. Tuesday was our errand day. We set out just after lunch to run them, and did not get home until the late afternoon. We then put up our Christmas tree in the evening. Wednesday we started out Baby Beats program. It is an exercise class that incorporates baby in it. Today was our infant program and tonight we are going over to gammy and gampa's for a while. Tomorrow is a day to get caught up on some house work before another busy weekend.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Play Time

Jaxon has a new favourite past time....if he is in a good mood. He has really started to like to lay on his back on the floor and kick up a storm. He has an activity centre that he has started to play with with his hands as well.
Not only does he like to kick up a storm, but he has also started to talk up a storm....nothing that is recognizable by any means, but it still pulls on the strings of my hear.
My little boy is growing up SOOOO fast.

Monday, November 03, 2008


Well, Halloween was a lot different this year with a little kiddeo!!! We started out on our day of trick or treating at 11:00am by heading to Milverton to the bank so that we could visit with my co-workers. We then had a full afternoon, and evening of places to stop and visit with our little teddy bear. In the afternoon Trisha and Reed (who was dressed in the same costume as Jaxon) joined us for a couple of stops and daddy also took the day off so that he could join us as well. Lexy even got dressed up and tagged along for the fun.
It was a lot of work trucking him in and out of his car seat at all the stops.....but sooooo worth it. It was a lot of fun, and we had one VERY tired little teddy bear on our hands after all was said and done. Our last stop was at gammie and gampa Strachan's where he spent the night, and Curt and I headed off to a house warming party. He had no problems sleeping through the night for them, as he was whipped after his day of trick-or-treating!!!!