Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cleaning OUT the Bugs

Since before Christmas Jaxon and I have just been not feeling ourselves and a little under the weather. During the first week of the new year I spent some time cleaning everything really good, washing our sheets, and trying to get rid of any bad bugs we had. Well, my efforts were swept under the mat a couple of weeks ago when we both got sick again. This time it was not a 'cold', or the flu, just a pesky cough and runny nose.
Finally after over a week of us having it I decided that we need to go to the doctors and see what was going on. For myself, nothing seemed to be prominent. It was just something that had to run its course. I was prescribed an inhaler to help with my wheezing at night, but other then that they could not do anything for me.
As for my little guy, it seemed that he had a double ear infection. How could I have missed that? What kind of a mother am I? I could not believe that I took him to the doctors with no incling that that is was it could be? Of course after the fact, my mom did let me know that on Wednesday he was pulling on his years quite a bit. I did know that he was not himself. Very cranky, and just not feeling up to par. He did not have a fever either.
Anyways, we got him some medicine and I have a totally different boy on my hands this week!!!
We all seem to be on the mend again, and I am hoping this week to get our bugs washed out again, in hopes that they will never return.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year

New Year's Eve was spend this year as a kid friendly even at our friends Ryan and Nicole. We kind of left it late planning this year, so when we decided to just do a house party we all agreed that it might be a little difficult to get a babysitter for the kids with it being such late notice, and New Year's Eve to boot.
All the kids were ready for bed around their normal times, and just went down, but not my little monkey. Not only did he was to stay up late, but he wanted to ring in the new year. There was no incling that Jaxon was tired until we got him home (which was still around 1:30) and laid his head down on his pillow. As soon as that happened, he was out!!!

The evening was spend watching the Canada Junior game, as well as a fierce competition of guys -vs- girls of American Idol on the Wii. The girls of course kicked the guys buts with our singing capabilities.
Hope you all had a wonderful New Year, and all the best to you and yours in 2010!!!!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

A VERY Busy December

Again, another holiday season has come and gone, and all are left are the wonderful memories of it all. December was a time spent with family and friends, and not having to work for the most part of it. I still had some holidays to use up before the end of the year, and since we did not get a new manager at our office until the end of November, I had to get them used up before the end of the year. I only had to work a whopping 9 days in total for the month of December, and it was blissful. Coming back this week has been a little hard though and Jaxon was non too pleased when I had to walk out the door on Monday morning. He has maybe grown a little attached to his mommy over the past month, and did not want to let me come back to work. I really did not want to come back to work either, but if we want to keep up with the Jones's, momma must put the bread on the table.
The first of our gathers was with the Omands on December 6th. Jaxon was able to play with all of his cousin's for the afternoon, and got his first taste of the present thing.

The next week was the beginning of my first stretch of holidays. I was off this Jaxon on the Thursday and the Friday of this week, and we got hit with our first taste of winter. I left work on Wednesday evening with no snow on the ground, and woke up to cancellations and road closures. These 2 days were spend in the house getting ready for Christmas with some baking, all though we did manage to get out and shovel the driveway for Curt before he made it home from work.

On the weekend we went to Kitchener with Sid and Lois so they could do some Christmas shopping for Curt. On his wish list this year was a new suite and a new hockey helmet. Jaxon had fun in the Hockey Life, and I got a taste of what my future might hold. Jaxon better start saving his pennies know if he things that some day he would like to play hockey. The equipment they have out there is ridiculous!!! and from the way his father is enthralled in sports....I am sure that there is doubt that we will have a little sports player on our hands.

We had a gathering with Curt's grandma's side of the family on the 12th of December as well. Santa Claus himself made an appearance at this gather, and Jaxon was non too pleased. As soon as the big guy in red showed up, Jaxon looked around for the most familiar face, which was his grandpa Sid's, and spend that time that he was there on grandpa's lap.

Curt and I were both on holidays for the next week and the time was spent preparing for the big day. There was holiday baking done, present wrapping, preparation for our friends gather, and a quick trip to the dentist. On the Tuesday morning Curt was having a shower and Jaxon was playing around in the bathroom and fell and hit his mouth off the bath tub. As a result the little man chipped his 2 front teeth, and we had to make our first trip to the dentist so we could make sure there was no damage done. We got a good report, and know we just have to live with the chipped teeth for the next 5-7 years until his permanent ones come in.

Although Jaxon was not a big fan of Santa Claus in person, he loved to look at pictures of him, watch him on tv, and whenever you would ask him what Santa Claus said he would promptly respond to you with a big HOHOHO!!!

On the Friday night before Christmas we had some our friends in for a gather. Santa must of heard about our party, and decided to make an appearance, and even brought some gifts for all of the kids. We had 2 kids there, Hadleigh (23 months), Jazlin (9 months), Remmi (5) and we had 3 screaming kids, and one that was just amazed!!! Jaxon did not sit on his lap, and certainly would not have anything to do with Santa, until he made his way to the floor to play with him and his new toy. After that, he did not mind him, but certainly they were not best friends. Maybe next year!!!

Curt and I both had to return to work for the 4 days before Christmas, so we kind of got back into the swing of things.

Christmas eve was spent at mom and dad's with us doing our Christmas the night before. My dad had to work on Christmas day, so we had dinner and did presents the night before. We all spend the night there, so my mom did not have to wake up alone on Christmas day, so Jaxon made sure to tell him that in his letter that he wrote to him. He got his milk and cookies let out for him as well.and when we woke up in the morning there were two bites of the cookie for Jaxon to finish up, and a note to thank him!!!After we read his note, and got everyone else up and ready to open presents we made our way down stairs to find that Jaxon must have been a very good boy for the year, because there was a very big pile awaiting him!!! Him and his aunty Cara managed to get them all opened, and he loved them all.After we got our gifts opened we had brunch and then had to make our way over to Curt's parents for our Christmas with them.

(Sorry, no pictures of this because as the day went on, the worse I started to feel. By the end of the day I was down and out. I ended up having a full blown sinus infection with one monstrosity of a head cold to go along with it!!!)

The next day we headed to Toronto to have our Strachan Christmas with my dad's side of the family. Jaxon is the only little one at these gathers, so he got a lot of attention, which was nice, because I still was not feeling very well, and did not have the patients to give him all my attention.

The last of our gathers was with my mom's family on the Sunday after Christmas. It seemed very low key this year as there was quite a few people that were not able to make it this year. Jaxon got to play with all of his cousin's, with the next one being 3. This was the even of the season that I realized just how much by baby was growing up. He is at the stage in life that he is just a little sponge. Everything that is said/done around him he totally picks up on. We really have to start watching was we say/do around this house of ours. With him being around his older cousins, they were playing hide-and-go-see, and the next thing we look over and Jaxon was hiding between a cabinet and the wall. It took me a minute to realize what he was doing, but then realized that he was trying to hide from the other kids. What a little whip. I keeps me hopping each and every day.
Curt and I were both off the the remainder of 2009 and it was so nice to have to time to unwind. The days that we had off before Christmas was so busy, and did not seem too much like a holiday. These days we slept in, lounged around home, and had not plans. It was nice to be able to do that to recoup from the holiday season.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Happening of November

Since I am not quite sure where the last couple month of the year have gone, I am going to have to try to tell the happenings of them in pictures.....
Jaxon wrote his letter to Santa this year.and he mailed it off to the big man in Red!!!We took in the annual Listowel Santa Claus parade...a huge disappointment this year!!!And we met Santa for the first time this year. Jaxon was not too sure about him, but did not cry. He sure would not sit on his knee though. We were lucky to have him on the side of me that Santa was on.