Wednesday, January 12, 2011

M-I-C-K-E-Y - M-O-U-S-E

Sunday was the day that Jaxon finally got to go and see Mickey Mouse. He received tickets from his aunty Trisha, uncle Clint and cousin Reed for Christmas to go and see Mickey's Rock'n Roadshow in London.I tell you, thank god Gammie sent Jaxon with some money so he could get himself a souvenir. Every 10 feet in the JLC there was a stand that was selling Mickey, or Toy Story memorabilia. We had stop at the first one when we walked in the door so that Jaxon could get his Mickey doll that he wanted with his money from Gammie. Well Gammies $20.00 did not just cut it and mom and dad had to throw in a few extra dollars. We then got to the next one and they had Mickey cups. He needed a new cup anyways, so I thought that would be prefect for him to get that. I got up and it come with a snow cone in it, so bonus...a drink with the cup, we would not have to buy that on top of the cup. Well, $14 we have a cup for him to drink his juice out of each day.I do have to say that it was all worth it thought. It is not Wednesday and he is still talking about going to see Mickey, and his just absolutely loves his doll. He has to get him every night when he gets ready for bed, and bring him down stairs with him for a snack. Mickey even gets fed the snack, and he gets to have drinks from Jaxon's Mickey cup too. He melts my heart!!!Reed and Trisha, as well as Reed's other cousin Luke and his mommy went to the show as well. We met them down there, and they boys were really cute. Jaxon was the most excited, I would have to say. He patiently waited for the show to start, and once it did he was ecstatic. He was locked into it for pretty much the whole thing. He got up and dances with they told him to, and was very interactive with the whole show.They had an intermission with only 20 minutes left in the show...probably to sucker some more parents into buying their kids their overprices merchandise. It was too bad that they had to take the intermission because Jaxon thought it was all over and wanted to go home. He was not into the second part of the show near as much as the first.It was a really good show. Jaxon loved it, and Curt and I did not mind it either. I just loved seeing Jaxon get so excited and involved in it. He absolutely loved it, and if there is another one next year (which it usually us an annual thing) I would have to think that we will go to that one too. Next year we will just take the doll he got this year and then we will not have to buy another one!!! (cheep parents)

Saturday, January 01, 2011

First day of the New Year

We woke up this morning...too early for my liking. I thought that since Jaxon was out partying to the wee hours of the morning that he might want to sleep in the morning. Well mommy...were you wrong. He slept in an hour past his normal time for getting up, so by the time the afternoon rolled around I was ready for a nape.
We headed over to my mom and dad's to put Jax down for a nap and try to catch a few zzz's our self, but my mom had other ideas as to spend our New Year's day.
My aunt and Uncle come over, as well as my grandma and we had a game day. It was a blast. Once we got into our games I forgot all about having a nap.We had dinner and a few more games after and by that time I was beat...ready for my bed. If the first day of 2011 is a foresight to the year it will be a good year, with great times spent with wonderful family!!!

Happ New Year

Well, it is out with the old, and in the with new. Happy New Year to all...the year of the frog.
New Years eve was spent with great friends this year. We headed over to Rob, Beckie and Hadleigh's house for a fondue party. It was awesome. We did steak, shrimp and chicken as well as we had fruit and some salads to go with it. For dessert we had a chocolate fountain with fruit and goodies to dip in it. It was AMAZING. I don't know why we don't do it more often, but maybe know that we have done it once we will think of it more.Hadleigh and Jaxon were the troopers. Their sidekick Jazlin had to cash it in around 10:30 and was not able to ring in the new year with her 2 companions. I had got some campaign for us to all ring in the new year with, along with some campaign glasses which Hadleigh and Jaxon go some ginger ail in for their special toast.The two of them kill me. It is so much fun watching them as they grow up and become friends. They melt my heart.
Happy New year to all, and may 2011 be a great year. Hopefully you rang it in a great way surrounded my great people, as we did.