Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dear Jaxon,
Oh my little monkey, where has the time gone. It does not seem that long ago that I was feeling your first kicks in my tummy, and know you are one active little boy out in this big bad world. Life has certainly changed since you arrived, but only for the better.
This month you have become very active. You are also starting to set up your own little schedule. You usually get up around 8:00a.m. and play for about 45 minutes before you decided that you are hungry. After you have your bottle you are ready to play for about a half of an hour more and then you think that it is time to have a nap. Your morning naps can range anywhere from ½ hour to 1½ hour. You are a very happy boy when you wake up for your naps and you will talk to yourself and play in your crib until we come and get you. When we do go to get you, you will great up with the biggest smile. When daddy comes home for lunch you are usually ready for your second bottle of the day, and when he goes back to work you go down for your afternoon nap. Mommy some times tries to get an afternoon nap with you, but if she has stuff to do that day this is when she tries to get it done. Around 4:00pm you are ready for another bottle and play time until mommy and daddy eat their dinner, and you usually have a little nap. You then have one more bottle around 7, and play with daddy during the evening and then it is bottle time, and cuddle time usually with mommy around 9:30pm.
You are a great little sleeper, which your mommy and daddy really do appreciate. You have started to roll from your tummy to your back in your crib. We have not got to witness this event yet, as it us usually while we are sleeping, but you are almost to the point of rolling from your back to your tummy when you are playing on the floor.
You have had some really rosy cheeks for the past couple of weeks, and the other night you were really fussy with the only thing that wanting was to chew on my finger. You have not cut any teeth yet, and I don’t see any but I am sure that they are right there waiting to make an appearance.
You did not have a doctor’s appointment this month, but we did go see the public health nurse on December 5th and you weighed 15lbs.5oz and were 25inch. long. Daddy got to come with us that day as he was off. This month he had quite a few days off, using up the rest of the holidays so you got to spend a lot of time with him.
This month you also got to do a lot Christmas things. You went and seen Santa for the first time at the mall with mommy and daddy and you also got to go to two Santa Clause parades, where at one you got to see him again. You also had your first family gathering with your Great Grandma McLaughlin’s family, the Bell’s, in Hanover. You and your cousin Reed got to meet a whole bunch of new family that you had never seen before and were very well behaved little boys.
You have also really shown us this month that you like to stand on your feel all the time. You very seldom will sit on your bum, unless you are watching television or are in your bumbo, swinging in your swing, or sitting at the kitchen table in your high chair. We have got you a jolly jumper and you really seam to like it. You have not got the whole concept of jumping in it, but you love to swing around in it and see what is going between the kitchen and the living room.
The next month is going to be a busy one with Christmas and New Years. You will have a lot of first, and you will be spending a lot of time with family. You will be a very good little boy through it all, I know. No matter what daddy and I do with you, you are always on your best behavior.
You are a little angle and I cannot remember what life was like without you.

Monday, December 08, 2008

A Weekend full of Santa

This weekend was full of Santa for Jaxon. On Friday night we bundled him up and took him over to Atwood to the Santa Clause parade so that we would not have to wait in too long of line for him to meet him. The parade consisted of 3 fire trucks, 5 floats and Santa. We watched the parade on the back street, went to the fire hall to get our number to meet the big guy, and then walked up tot main street to catch the parade for a second time.

Saturday night we decided to bundle him up again and head down town to catch out parade here in town. This one was worth all the work to get all 3 of us bundled up and walk down there. It was much longer, and very pretty.

I love that our small town does night parades. They are so much better then the day ones that they used to do. The best part of it all was that it was snowing for both of them. That makes it even more festive!!!