Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So for the past couple of months my son has had a major obsession with the Zamboni. We play hockey and after every goal we have to clear the ice so the Zamboni can come out and clean it. We park the Zamboni every night under our pillow so that it can sleep with us It has even come to us not being allowed to park our vehicle in the garage anymore, because that is where the Zamboni parks. I love that he has such a love for something, and such an imagination sometimes about it, but really? I think this has got a little too far.
A couple of months ago Curt played in a hockey tournament in Howick and Jaxon's poppy Sid took him into the Zamboni room and tried to get him to sit up on it. There was no way that he was getting any where near that thing. He loved it from afar, but up close it was way too big for him.

Friday night he was at the Junior B game with his dad and I guess after the game the guys took him back to the room to see that wonderful machine again, and this time he was ready to sit on it. He played with all the sweepers, all the snow that it had gathered and examined it all around a couple of times. Finally he was comfortable enough to sit on it and drive.Jaxon's love of the Zamboni has evolved to everything hockey. We eat, sleep and live hockey at our house. He wants to stay outside every day and play. I have resorted to clearing out the garage and setting up the big net in there and closing the garage door when I am cooking dinner so that he can stay out and play. We had to go and buy him a 'real' hockey stick, and get it all taped up just like his dad's. When I play with him I of course have to be the goalie, and even when his dad is playing with us I still get stuck in net. It is not too bad when Jaxon is shooting pucks at me, but I might have to get some pads if I am going to continue to get stuck in there when his dad is shooting on me.
Now that hockey season is coming to a close, I wonder if we will have a new love of baseball for the summer, or if we will continue to play hockey all summer long?

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Breaking the Silence

What a couple of week we have had around our house!!! We have had celebrations and enough tragidy for a life time all in the matter of 3 weeks. Now I just need to get caught up with some housework, some family time, and my pile of stuff at work and I will be back in full mode. Chat soon....