Monday, January 29, 2007

Our Engagement Party

Saturday night my mom and dad threw us a party to celebrate our Engagement.
The night was so much fun, and my mom out did herself with the decorations and the preparations for the party.
She had a theme for the party which was 'casino night'. When we arrived we were all handed $50.00 in play money, and that was what we had to bet with for the evening. There were three playing tables that you could gamble with, Blackjack, Pass the Ace, and Horseraces. With the money that we won from the games we had a silent action on some prizes. Everyone handed me their money at the end of the evening, so I was the big winner of all the prizes, except one. Destiny was at the party and she was the only child there. She was so proud of herself for winning money, and she wanted a prize so bad, I did not over bid her for the prize that had her name on.
It was suck a fun night, and it was great to be able to celebrate our Engagement with some of our family and friends.
Here are some highlights of the evening:

An easel that my dad made for us that held a picture board the my mom put together, that greeted us at the door. This will be a great decoration for the wedding. The cake that my mom made for us. (Notice the faces on 'the gumbies')
The Horse Races table which had a lot of action and noise at it!!!
Laura, Jill and I.

Thank you to everyone that was able to attend, and for those of you that were not able to....sorry missed such a good time!!!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Winter is here..........

There is nothing that I love more then a big snow storm....when I am at home.
Yesterday they had been calling for our area to get snow squalls over night, and in to today. When I woke up this morning it did not look like there had been much snow over night. I went to the gym, and from 6:45-7:40 this morning we got hit. I went home and got ready for work and it was fine when I headed out at 9:00. The closer I got the Milverton, the snowier it got, and it has been crazy here all day. One minute I will come out of my office and there is not a flake in the air, and then 5 minutes later I will come out, and you can not see across the street. I guess that is the definition of a squall. I think that I might just try to head out of here a little early tonight and try to make it home before it gets dark.
Not much is up for the weekend. We are going to go to the Anchor for lunch tomorrow. It is a new restaurant in town and it just opened last Friday. There is one in Wingham, and I have been there for lunch when I work up there, but have not been out to the one in Listowel yet. After lunch we are heading to Harriston to meet with a florist to get some her ideas for the wedding, and after that we are going to visit my friend Laura. She is the one that is pregnant with twins, and she is now off of work. She is not on bed rest, but the doctor has advised her that she better take it easy. She developed toxemia when she was pregnant with Addy, and was on total bed rest for about a month before she delivered here, so I hope that does not happen with these two!!!!
Anyways, not much else is exciting in our life, but if anything develops, I will be sure to post.
Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Uneventful Time of Year

Well we are into the January blas.
Last week it was more like April, then it was January, with people even seeing buds on their lilac trees, and their daffodils budding through the ground This week we have finally been hit with the weather that is more appropriate for the second week of January.
This time of year it seems that there is nothing ever to celebrate. The VISA bills are coming in from Christmas, people are trying to loose this extra inches that they earned over the holidays, and everyone is trying hard to fulfill their new years resolutions, whatever that may be. This year I decided that I was not going to make a new year's resolution. Since this is going to be a year of change (big change), I thought that would be enough for me to tackle without adding something else that I try to fulfill.
I have been back to the gym full fleged this week, working my ass off to look good in my wedding dress. Curt and I have also tried to start to eat a little more healthy around our house. I am going to do a big grocery shop this weekend, and we are going to stalk up on fruits and veggies. Not very often would you find those in our fridge, but we both need to look good for our wedding day. The only problem that I have is that in my canister on the counter there is about 6 mint smoothies left, and I have to get rid of them so I am free and clear of my temptations.
The wedding plans are back into full force. If you remember back in the fall I was looking for pine cones for a craft...well they were for something for the wedding and I have finally found some trees in town that have the type of cones that I need. On Sunday we went to Curt's parents place for dinner and Lexy and I decided to walk to their place. We packed a plastic bag and headed over. We stopped at the trees and filled our bags. This week I have been working on drying them and it is going very well. What I do is put them on the registers, and then when the heat hits them, they pop open. Curt and I were laying there watching television one night and all we could hear were the cones popping. It is very neat.
We are off to the wedding show this weekend (we being Jill, my mom, and possibly my sister). Curt was to come with me, but when he found out that Saturday was Hockey Day in Canada that soon changed is mind. I didn't mind thought, it will be much more interesting with the people that I am going with, not to mention that I will not have to deal with someone that would have bitched the whole time we were there.
Curt and I went to the show on Saturday night to see The Pursuit of Happiness..........AWESOME MOVIE. I would strongly recommend that all of you go and see it. I cried for probably 3/4 of the movie. Everything that happened just seemed to pull on the strings of my heart, and the water taps turned on. Curt thought that it was a great movie to, but did not find that it brought his tears out.
Anyways, I hope that my January gets a little more interesting, and I am able to post more blogs then I have in the past week and a half.
Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year's All

Last night we brought 2007 in with a bang. As of Saturday morning, there was nothing planned for a New Year's Eve celebration, so we decided to have people over to our house. Curt called up the crew, and everyone came over last night to ring in 2007 with us.
We did an appetizer dinner, much like the week before, had a games night which consisted of a mean game of Roulette, Pictonary, Charade's (sp???), and some other one that I am not sure of the name of, and brought inn the New Years with Dick Clark's Rockn' New Years Eve Bash!!!! After we rang in the New Year, we ended the night with some dancing (well a few of them did)!!!! It was a late night, and never really saw the morning, except to get up and go to the washroom. By the time we crawled out of bed it was 12:30, and then we spent the next 1.5 hourscleaningg up from our celebrations. I can't waituntill next year when the celebrations move somewhere else, and I don't have the mess to clean up in the morning/afternoon.
From our house to yours.....Happy New Year!!!!!