Monday, June 28, 2010

Troy & Lindsey

On the weekend my cousin got married and we were there to join them for their special day.Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Robinson!!!(the beautiful cake my mom made)(my aunt Sue and Troy)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day FULL of Fun

Saturday we had a day planned for a warm, sunny day. Unfortunately the weather did not co-operate with us, and when we woke up in the morning we had to do some changing of our plans.
Cara and Justin had their nephew Curtis for the weekend, and wanted to plan to do something with the boys together to keep them occupied for the day. My plans were to take them to Waterloo park to see the animals in the shelters there, and spend the afternoon at the splash pad.
The temperature and humidity would have made for a great day to be spent with some water fun, but with the rain it ruined it for us. Instead we decided that we would go to Kidzone in Waterloo where they could run wild, jump in balls, and play all day. It was a great way to spend a rainy day, and that way they did not have stay in the house and ask every 5 min if we could go outside and play.I did not know how much Jaxon would get out of Kidzone, but he really enjoyed himself. Curt and I even had fun...letting the inner kid out in us. We played around in the ball pits...crawled through all the tubs/tunnels and went down the slides. Jaxon has an obsession with baseball, so he loved the ball pit and most of our time was spent in there.We we come out of Kidzone the rain had stopped so we decided that we would go to Waterloo Park to the see the animals there.
When Cara and Justin picked Curtis up for the weekend all he wanted to see was a donkey. We were able to hook him up with some horses and cows, but were not too sure if we could come through on the donkey. Luckily when we went to the park there was an animal there that looked an awful lot like a donkey. I can not remember the exact animal it was, but in Curtis's books it was a donkey, and his weekend was complete.We decided to take a walk around the park after we seen the animals to see if it was worth the trip back on a nice day. We walked around the lake, dodging the bird shit and came across a play ground for the kids to play on.The play ground was right beside the splash pad, and since it has stopped raining we decided to get the boys bathing suits from the car and let them go run around in it for a little while. Thank goodness it was close to closing time and they girls let us in for free. Otherwise they were going to charge us all for going in, even if we were just going to sit and watch. It was a cheep price, but not for 20 min. of fun.
Thank goodness we didn't have to pay because when we got in there Jaxon was not a real fan of all the spraying water. He loved the puddles, but if it was near anything that might shoot water at him we was out of there.After we got cooled off, we decided that we better get these little boys fed before their good moods decided to take a turn. Thank goodness when we got to the restaurant we had a wait, because we had two little boys that were zonked out in the back seat. Curt and Justin waited in the restaurant while Cara and I stayed in the car while they had a little rest.
After we had our dinner we headed back to Listowel, and the boys got their second wind. Us adults were all tired on the way home, but the boys kept us entertained. Jaxon decided that he had such a good day he did not want to go to bad that night, but when he finally caved and decided to close his eyes she slept like a rock.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Thompson Reunion

Sunday was a busy day for us. We had Poppa Bear's birthday party for dinner, and for lunch we had a pot luck for our annual Thompson reunion. The Thompson's are my mom's mom's side of the family (if you got that) and each year we always get together and have a lunch and ball game. Most of the family are either from this area still, or have moved up when splitting the teams we always have a North team, and a South team.
Again this year the South team (our region) were victorious and take the trophy!!!It is funny how you go to family reunions, and you will socialize with other to kind of catch up on what has happened over the past year, but for the most part you kind of stick to your immediate family. You usually sit with them for the lunch, play with them on their team and all around spend your time with them. Jaxon got to see his cousins and play with them in the park. This was the first gathering that I noticed a real change in him. He did not make strange with his cousins...which was kind of a relief.
(Jaxon also found a little birdy in the grass that was having a hard time flying...he was so fascinated with that bird and when it came time to leaving him, we had a little bit of a melt down)

Monday, June 07, 2010

Happy Birthday Popa Bear

Friday was Curt's grandpa's 80th Birthday, so last night we got together as a family to celebrate. He did not want a big party, so just a small dinner with immediate family was what was planned.
It is always entertaining to get Reed and Jaxon together, but it does not seem to happen enough. Last night after they thought they were done eating their dinner they wanted to watch a movie. Curt got them situated in the living room, one having a chair and the other having a couch cushion. It did not matter which one had which, because what ever the other one had, the other one wanted. After everyone was done eating dinner, their grandmas went down and got a bucket full of toys for them from the basement. That did not matter though because all the wanted to do was use the couch cushion as a trampoline. Even their dad/uncle got in on the fun. Who knew that a cushion off of a couch could be so much fun.
I love it how kids can take the simplest thing and turn it into some enjoyable!!!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Tiger's Game

Friday my mom called me at work around lunch time to tell me that she had been given 4 tickets to the Tiger's game in Detroit for Sunday afternoon, and asked me if we wanted to go. Cara and Justin were out of town for the weekend, so instead of us spending the afternoon up at their place like we do every Sunday, we decided that we would pack up and head to Detroit for the game. It was one HOT day. Not that I am complaining, because I love this weather, but to sit in a ball stadium, surrounded by tens of thousands of people....IT WAS HOT!!!
When we got to the stadium to pick up our tickets...they had no record that mom's company had any for that day. They tried to tell us that they had them for the Saturday game, but not for the Sunday one, so after we tried for about an hour (thank god we got there early) we ended up having to buy 4 tickets at the box office. We were able to get really good seats, right on the 1st base line, and when we got in the stadium we were able to see our 4 seats...right behind home plate...EMPTY.It was a great day. With the head were had to make sure that we kept hydrated, Jaxon got the full experience of the ball game. He had pizza when we first got there, and then he had a hot dog later, and then a slushy after that. He was able to sneak his other favourite food (mac & cheese) for dinner when we stopped at Applebee's for dinner.It was a good game. The tigers kicked the A's but, but I love being at the game. I love the atmosphere in the stadium, and with so much going on around us, I really hardly watch any of the game. We did have to pay attention though because we got a lot of foul balls our way.This was Jaxon's second time being at a Major League ball game. The other time was when we went to Washington last summer. I was teasing Curt that I had to get a picture of them in front of the score board just like we did in Washington, and he wondered if we were going to go to every stadium to be able to do this. I told him that was a goal that him and his son could set for themselves, and maybe by the time Jaxon is 50 they will be able to fulfil it.