Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Little Pumpkin's Party

Jaxon had a Halloween party to go to today with his friends at his girlfriend's Hadliegh's house. There were 9 little ones there. Most of them ranged in age from 8 moths - 14 months, and Jaxon was the only really little one. The rest of them can actually sit on their own, play with toys, and with the others. Jaxon just got to sit in my arms at watch them play.
They all had to dress up and we tried to get a group shot of them all.....but that was unsuccessful. I did manage to get a shot of Jaxon with Brooklyn and Joslin and a solo shot of Hadleigh.
Not only did they not want to co-operate to get their pictures taken, but they also did not want to keep their costumes on either.
Poor kids...what we parents don't put them through for our own amusement.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Fun

Sunday was Strachan family Halloween fun day at mom and dads.
Cara and I had been out last weekend at a craft show in Grand Bend and stopped in at the candy store in Exeter on our way home for our annual carmel apple. While we were there we got a few great ideas for candy to give to our 'special kids' and we had to get together to put them all together and yesterday was the day. We decided to make a whole family fun day out it and throw in some pumpkin carving and some gingerbread making.
When I was a child my Aunt Vera always made the best gingerbread men for Halloween, and I always said that I wanted to learn how to make them some time. Last Tuesday night mom and I went for a visit with aunt Vera and got her recipe for them and we put them together yesterday.
The family fun day started out with our pumpkin carving. Everyone was involved....except my dad. He is a party pooper and just sat on the sidelines and watched us have all the fun. My grandmas even joined us for the afternoon. Some of us got creative....and some did not [Cara;)]. Justin was nice enough to help Jaxon out in carving his pumpkin as well.
As a child I can always remember carving our pumpkins and roasting the seeds to eat after we were done. No on really likes the seeds except my dad and I, so they did not want to go through all the trouble to pick them out...but I did. The best is after all is done, smelling them roast in the over. They were great!!!!
After we were done with the carving we got to work on our treats for our trickers and our gingerbread.
We got everything together and done and it was dark out so we were able to get our pumpkins all lite up to see what they looked like.It is really nice that my family is all in the area, and we are able to start all of these new family traditions. As a child we always did it, but it never had the same meaning as it does now. I am so lucky that we will be able to raise Jaxon doing all these fun family things with his aunts, uncles and grandparents.(Justin's pumpkin is the ghost, mom's is the 'trick or treat', mine is the big face, Cara's
is the little face, Curt's is the Habs (imagine) and Jaxon's is the little ghost)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spoiled Little Boy

Yesterday we finally got around to having our Strachan family Thanksgiving. It was actually kind of nice to have it later on in October. Everyone was able to make it because they did not have other family gatherings to attend, and we did not have to have 3 turkey dinners all in the same weekend.
Jaxon was spoiled all day long being passed around by his great aunts, and even a great-great aunt. His great grandma had lots of cuddles for him as well and he got to meet some of his new cousins. His poor grandma was hosting the gathering so she really did not get a chance to spend much time with him which I don't think she liked too much, but realized that she had to share.

Jaxon was also spoiled with presents from some of his aunts and uncles. He got a very nice new white and red leather chair that he can sit in a watch the Habs games with his daddy along with a teddy bear to go with it.

He was also lucky enough to get a blanket that was knitted by his great-great-great grandmother. Great grandma Liz passed away 3 years ago, and it to bad that Jaxon was never able to meet her, but he will always have a piece of her know. These are the little things that I hope he can cherish for the rest of his life.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A day with Addy

Last week Jaxon and I were over to visit my friend Laura and her 3 kids. She was telling me that on her days off she could never get anything one having 1 almost three year old, and twin one and a half year old boys. I kind of understood what she was saying, because there are some days that I do not get anything done, and that is only with one child. I so graciously offered to take her oldest off her hands some Thursday so that she could get something done if she wanted. When I offered she said she might even go to the city shopping if she would only have two. I then offered to take the all, if that was what she was planning, and was turned down....thank god.
Anyways, today was the day that Addy came for the afternoon. Jaxon and I started our infant program this morning, and then we went and picked her up when we were done. I had this whole day planned, but for those of you with kinds know you really can not plan a day to a tee. We made our own pizza for lunch, went to the grocery store, went for a walk around the block, after she told me that it was too long of a walk to go to the dollar store...that was what we had to settle for. When we got home we decided that we would watch a movie and then we baked apple dumplings....(oh so good, if anyone wants a good recipe, thanks Carrie for directing me to it). We waited for our dumplings to cook, and then it was time to take her home. We packed up a plate of them for her to take with her, and I took her home.
I am exhausted. I am soooo glad that I only have one to contend with on a daily basis. She is used to having the caos of a baby around, so it really did not even fase her one bit when Jaxon needed my attention, but he was soooo good, which was nice for her. She probably does not get a lot of one on one attention around home....having the twins boys always around, and she probably liked it. I liked it too because I actually had someone to do something with without baby talk involved. It was fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Jace

Saturday Jaxon was invited to his first birthday party for his friend Jace...who turned 1 last week. Jaxon really marked the special event by sleeping the whole time he was there, and really took in the celebration. I think that they celebration was more for the big boys, then it was for the the little ones anyways, but fun was had by all.
Saturday was also the first day that Jaxon and daddy spent the day together, without mommy. I went out with the girls for the day, and Jaxon and Curt went and cut down a tree at our friends house. I was really nervous of Curt taking him there with chain saws and falling trees, but all was o.k. I knew it would be, but still. Both made it through the day without me, although I am sure that I was missed (I have to tell myself that), and Jaxon and
I got our fill of snuggles at the party when I got home.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Two Month's

Dear Jaxon,
Well little man, you are two months old and I am not sure where the past 2 months have gone. You definitely are starting to get your own little personality and I absolutely love getting to know everyone thing about you.
This month we saw your first smiles...and many more followed that. It melts my heart every time I get to see you smile...as I am sure soooo many other things will do when you discover how to do them. You are a happy little baby just as long as you are not hungry or tired. After you wake up from a nape you will sit there and just kick up a storm with smiles pasted on your face, that is until you realize that it has been 3 hours and it is time to eat. At first the only people that you would show your smiles to where mommy and gammy and your auntie Cara was really getting disappointed that you had none for her but you know will flash them for just about anyone.
You also had your first sleepover this month. You spent the night at Gammy and Gampa's house on a Friday night so that your mommy and daddy could get a full nights sleep. That was wishful thinking because you probably slept better then mommy did. I was up all night wondering what you were doing, hoping that you were sleeping, and wishing that you would not marking any new milestones on your life without me. You also had your second sleepover at auntie Cara's, but mommy slept much better that night.
You have always been a good sleeper, once we realized that you preferred to sleep on your tummy rather then on your back, usually only waking up once during the night for a feeding. This past week you have decided that you are going to give mom a good stretch of sleep, and you started to sleep though that night. This is something that I really appreciate. I used to be a person that LOVED my sleep, and always wondered what it would be like when I had kids. I soon got used to the sleep deprivation and know it almost tires me out even more to get a full nights sleep. I will soon get back in the grove.
You are a very social little boy. We are always on the go and you do not seem to mind it one bit. That is good because your mommy and daddy live a pretty busy life, and you have adapted to with no problems. You were to your 1st birthday party this past weekend for your friend Jace Meulensteen and you also celebrated your first holiday, Thanksgiving, with the McLaughin and Robinson families, and will be celebrating with the Strachan's this coming weekend.
You are a very spoiled boy as well. My shopping trips used to be all about me, but know I come home from them with stuff for you, and don't seem to buy a darn thing for myself. Your Gammy was shopping in the states this past weekend as well and seemed to come home with more stuff for you then she did for herself I think.
You are loved sooo much by all your family, and you are very lucky to have both sets of grandparent so close to you. They always try to get over to see you if they have not had the chance to in a couple of days, and you love spending time with them.
You are an ever changing boy...always growing. You have outgrown all your newborn cloths, and are in your 3-6 month stuff know. We go to the doctor's on Monday to get your first set of shots, and we will see what you weigh then, but at the beginning of October, with the health nurse, you were 12lbs. I like to call you my little chunky monkey....and I would not trade you in for anything in the world. We love you soooooo much, and never know how much you would complete our lives. We are very lucky to have you.
Love Mommy

Thursday, October 16, 2008

First Haircut

the before

Little man had his first haircut today....8 weeks and 2 days old. I have wanted to give it a little trim from about the day he was born, but over the past couple of weeks the back has really turned into a mullet and I know it was time for it to come off. I just trimmed around his ears sothat we did not have to tuck it behind them anymore, and I trimmed the back of it up so that there was not a mullet any longer. The next time I might have to trim the back up even more. I might have to get the clippers out and give him an actual little man's haircut, as it is still pretty long in the back.

the after

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Big Smiles

Jaxon has been showing the odd smile over the past couple of weeks, but this week I have really noticed that he is doing it a lot more. My sister Cara has been getting really upset because the only people that he has been smiling for has been me and my mom, but finally last night he showed his big grin to her.
Monday afternoon we had our McLaughlin Thanksgiving at Curt's mom and dad's place and Jaxon was sitting on the table in his seat showing his Great Grandma Marg, and Grandma Lois how he smiles at his mommy. Just another thing that my little man does that melts my heart. I never know that something so little could pull on the strings of my heart so much....I just love this little guy soooo much!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Well with daddy's big head this morning, we pulled him out of bed and went to church. Jaxon will be getting baptised in the next month or so, so we thought that we better put a few appearances in before that happens. We met grandma and grandpa McLaughlin there and we made it a family affair. He was a perfect baby though the service, which will make it a whole lot easier to try to take him again.
This afternoon since it was such a beautiful day we decided to head out to a bush and try to take some family pictures of the 3 of us. We went to a bush that we had gone to about 3 years ago to get professional ones done, but this time we were all on our own. We picked up my mom on the way out, so she could be our photographer and we ended up with some pretty good shots.
After we got back my mom and I set up a little spot in the back yard so that we could get some fall pictures of Jaxon by himself. Last year for our wedding my mom had painted an old wheelbarrow that they had we we used that and dug out a box of goodies from the wedding as well, including some burlap and leaves. We gather some pumpkins up from around the neighborhood and set some planted moms around, and this is what we got:
pretty good for amateurs, if I do say so my self.
We have not had any Thanksgiving dinners yet this weekend, as we had one of my families last weekend, and the other not for 2 weeks. We head to the McLaughlin one tomorrow. It will exciting with the two new additions that we have to it this year.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Where does the time go?

Well, my little man will be 8 weeks old on Tuesday, and I have no idea where those 8 weeks have gone. I can not remember what life was like before he came into it, although I did get a little taste of what it used to be like last night when he went to my mom and dad's for his first sleepover. It was still not the same though, because all I could do was think about him...what he was doing, hopping that he was sleeping for them, and wondering if he was hitting any new milestones without me. I would have never thought that life would come to this!!!
Anyways, Jaxon is the sweetest little thing that you could ever imagine. He is pretty much the perfect baby. He just eats and sleeps, but I am finding that he is starting to be awake a lot more during the days know. He will have a day where is his awake for a pretty good portion of it but then he will have 2 days where is sleeps all the time, to get caught up. He has stared to really recognize people and if we are lucky we will even get a smile out of him. It just melts my heart when I see him smile. He loves to cuddle with me and I love that time that we get to spend together doing it. I know that some day he will probably not even want to be seen out in public with his old mom so I am going to cherish all the cuddles that we get know.
I am absolutely loving being off on maternity leave. I thought that I might get board not knowing what to fill my days with but that probably will not be the case. The days seem to fly by and when Curt gets home from work I have a hard time believing that they day is gone already and most of the time we have nothing to show of it. We fill our days with going for walks, and taking napes together. The odd day I will lift a dust rage or push the broom across the floor, but most of the time I just like to sit and watch my little man as he changes everyday.
Last week Curt's sister Trisha had her baby, another baby boy. That will be nice for Jaxon to have a cousin that is only 6.5 weeks different in age. It is also nice for me, because we will be off together and we already have things planned to do together with the boys.
Yesterday we went out for our first real family day. We took Jaxon to Naumans Pumpkin Patch to get some pictures of him, and also to pick out or pumpkins to carve. We decided that we will try to make this an annual outing as it was a lot of fun. I had never been to an actual pumpkin patch to pick out my pumpkin and decided that this was something that I wanted to raise my kinds going. They had so many other things to do there and it will be a lot more fun to take Jaxon to when he gets a little older.
Anyways, I have been bad at posting since Jaxon arrived, and I thought that I would be really good and try to get something on here on a daily basis. I can only say that I will try to get better as Jaxon gets older and has more stuff going on his life.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Jaxon's new cousin - Reed Kenneth Lloyd

Reed Kenneth Lloyd Fischer
born: October 4, 2008
8lbs. 5oz.

Jaxon with his new cousin Reed, his aunty Trish and mommy too.