Saturday, August 27, 2011

End to Summer

Well, Jaxon's birthday celebrations continued into the next week with having a bunch of friends up to the cottage for the start of our holidays.
Saturday we took the kids over to Owen Sound to Story Book Park to enjoy a morning of fun. Thank goodness we got over there nice and early for when it opened because a lunch time a big storm hit, and that was the end of our adventure there.If you have young kids, I would totally recommend you take them to this place. I am sure that it will be a place that we will frequent for a few more summers until they outgrow it. They had everything...rides, mini golf, petting zoo, big train ride through the whole park, a water park. It was great!!! Even the big kids enjoyed it.
After the rain took us back to the cottage, we had a cottage full of people, but some more celebrating to do. It was the day of Uncle Justin's birthday so we had a nice dinner with everyone and celebrated his special day.
Sunday brought not so nice weather again, and we had a early supper and sent everyone on their way home so we could start our week of relaxation at the cottage. It was full of laying on the couch, watching movies, playing mini golf in town, and going down to the beach (a few short times). The weather was not the greatest for the week, but it was nice to just be away!!!

Our last week of holidays for the summer was a success!!!!

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